Sunday, June 3, 2012

Be true to yourself

  Bring to mind any person you know. There are many subtle and not so subtle expressions of their energy going on. Take your good self for example. You are sweet, fun loving and bold. You are imaginative, hopeful and persistent. These are the qualities of your spirit. This part of you has seen it all before. It isn’t troubled by past experiences or other peoples’ opinions. Listening to one's spirit can be forgotten though when lost in the details of life. In many relationships, past hurts lead to every interaction being defensive. With the briefest acknowledgement, grievances can be forgiven and insecurities released. Learn how to come back to an open hearted way of being with each other. It is always your choice. In practical terms, this involves a commitment to let your past go and not personalize anything that is said or done. Your new participation will be one of understanding and curiosity. This way reignites your passion for life.

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