Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ideas on Success 2: Competition

What is a healthy sense of competition? I would think that an unhealthy competitiveness is more often seen and includes an intention to win at all costs, wishing defeat and ill will on your opponents! Ideally it should be a dynamic in one’s life that encourages us to challenge ourselves to meet greater athletes without minding too much if  we win or lose. If you feel considerable anger or disappointment when you lose, you are attaching too much to the outcome of your actions. Many people have thoughts like ‘I am useless’ or ‘they didn’t play fair’.  Your actual sense of self worth has been compromised. Working with sportsmen over the last ten years, I have used energetic medicine to shift any divisive spirit in their game. When people become aware that everyone they compete against is a reflection of something in themselves, they are able to emulate what they admire and lightly delight in or forgive whatever the outcome. 

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