Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Choices

Here we have a real opportunity to bring more joy into our lives and relationships. We make choices all day, every day but mainly we don’t think about them. If we can go back a step and notice the choices we’re making, we are, one, slowing down, two, becoming less reactive and three, becoming more aware of ourselves and the others involved. This awareness is no good if its just room for more judgements. Like ‘no, I definitely won’t be pushed into this’ or ‘actually, I don’t just dislike the noise from the neighbour’s, I hate it’! That is just reinforcing an old thought with more emotion (and drama, be it anger or hurt). Real awareness is applying two principles as often as you can. These are, we are all connected and the other is non attachment. When you start to see yourself as connected to everyone else and all situations, you don’t need to fight them anymore. Your mind invests in a positive outcome and instantly sees the innocence of the thing or person you were about to judge. Once you accept things in this way, problems pass more easily. Non attachment is mainly about starting to see what you are excessively attached to. Instead of focusing on the current choice, notice the theme. It might be that you are constantly pushed by shoulds and shouldn’ts. You may be defensive about you do. There are always things that get us going and making us make subjective, emotional choices. If we can crack this, the first choice we will always make is not to be offended and not to personalize anything. Sometimes we may need divine intervention to forgive, grow and let things go but our choices are good place to start!

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