Monday, November 2, 2015

Websummit in Dublin starts today and Harmony Hall's Vegan Organic Corporate Planning Space will be represented!

I was thinking about what do most people do. How can families and individuals transition. There's a link to my How To Go Vegan starter kit on my website on the Harmony Hall page. It has several recipes for how to make the most delicious bread ever, with no yeast - another harmful bacteria for the digestion! Obviously no preserving chemicals needed either. It also has the shepherd's pie recipe for Wong's TVP - Veggie Mince.

My approach at the moment is to eat something ordinary but boost it with goodness. So for breakfast just organic cornflakes but sprinkled with Linwoods Mixes of Hemp, Flax seed, Pumpkin Seed and Lecithin. I am using Hemp Milk at the moment but soya milk is available from Lidl if you're a committed shopper there. They also have organic fruit and vegetables to snap up when you see them! You will have to look up those seeds' extraordinary eternal youth-giving properties yourselves as I am off to the Web Summit - tonight they're asking the question:

"How do we build a better society, community, economy and more? The opening night of Web Summit will be a free evening for citizens to hear Irish thought leaders, entrepreneurs and more discuss Ireland’s future."

I will be networking for good practice, describing Harmony Hall as a Corporate Planning Space with exactly these objectives in mind. It is built on mathematical principles of reason, order and energy flow. Even where several managers might have different priorities, Harmony Hall's shape alone facilitates agreement and solutions that reconcile any number of disparities.

As a facilitator, I would be saying that we can't rely on Corporate Social Responsibility as we have seen how the biggest organizations do not adhere to any principles - hence all the life threatening chemicals lacing our food. Therefore, the other purpose of a visit to Harmony Hall is to find a way back to personal responsibility and self sufficiency. That way we can achieve independence physically, emotionally and financially.

Yes, we offer an organic menu and a vegan menu that is to honor the earth and farm animals. It is also a Healing Centre and B&B. Its all happening here and I hope I get a chance to talk about it! I will be wearing my T Shirt at least and bringing copies of my book - A guide from the old paradigm way of thinking to a new; past blind force to synergy. Its called How To Live As One if you're looking for it on Amazon.

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