Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our Tagline: "Integrating Oneness One Day At A Time" … explained!

For as long as I've had this blog, its had the tag line 'Integrating Oneness One Day at a Time'.
This means that I am documenting my continuous realization of the connection between everything and becoming aware. Although some stark realities have come to light as I've brought the unconscious institutions under the spotlight, I have also had to face plenty of home truths. For example, while there is still a power struggle in the world, it follows that I must still be holding some power struggle in my own energetic system.

This brings me to the 'integrating' bit though. I haven't become informed and aware and then become bitter! I keep remembering we are all connected and use that understanding as a guide to action. Whatever I witness, I address it in myself next, to allow the situation to resolve. For example I cleared all that power struggle I carried inside. I cleared any inferiority and superiority. This way, I genuinely know that I am not less than or greater than anything or anyone else.

I keep noticing and healing whatever shows up, be it for me or the wider world. I have developed my intuition on when to lead and when to follow, when to connect, when to detach. These are skills of navigation that we all need to learn, so that we never lose our peace of heart!

Peace of heart, you might laugh, haven't had that in a long time! But you should and you can get it, regardless of how much polarity - yoyo - black and white thinking - you've been living with, to date!

Another change is the importance you put on your own goals. If it comes to light that your dreams will take their toll on someone else or something else, you can let them go, do something else.

Several people have mentioned their 'company vision' and their 'concept idea' in the last two days and I was set thinking about mine here at Healing by Franc. I discovered that its not the service that's offered, its actually to put myself in the shoes of others and then describe how I want them to feel after being here or working with me.

My vision is that people come to a strong sense of personal responsibility and massive capability simultaneously. This work offers people a new lease of life, lifting dead weights off your heart, like memories, fear, sickness and karma, effortlessly.

You can then let new information and life change you. It makes sense really, that if we're all connected that we don't need to hold on to a mini me version of ourselves, exactly as we were in the past. We can expand into a softer, relaxed entity. Not only can we, we need to. Because while we all have so many edges, we are liabilities, clinging on to an old identity, far removed from what we know now.

So oneness helps us lighten up and put a spring in your step but the real blessings are when you can meet every experience with equanimity.

Like this evening, I got home from college to find the geodome down and the shed - mower included - blown away by storm Barney. My heart didn't even sink. I established that all the animals were alright and felt the waves of relief and happiness from me to them and them to me. I got out the candles and matches in readiness for the power cut that had already hit my neighbours. But then I tuned in to see if the electricity would last long enough to bake bread, got a 'yes' and went for it.

So another aspect of my vision is for people to come to hold themselves in high regard … and their friends and family in high regard …. and all animals in high regard… and all strangers in high regard ….and all Nature in high regard. If you have difficulty feeling this watch the documentary 'Bear'. Those wonderful creatures don't have it easy, nor do the salmon but the landscapes they travel are definitely a highlight of this oneness we're all a part of. See what I mean? Don't just disassociate from the bad things you see, come and learn to associate like mad with the many rejuvenating parts of the oneness spectrum! This doesn't just do you good, there's that butterfly effect too and you find yourself participating in creating better lives for everyone and a more holistic reality.

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