Thursday, November 19, 2015

32 Reasons for an Animal Referendum, from the Pigs' Perspective

1. Avoid Cruelty When Shopping 
No animal products, no tested on animal productsthat means basically nothing from a chemist and 90% of your 'usual' brands need to be reviewed too. Give the animals a break by sparing us a thought. Ireland is the worst in Europe; 820,000 animals a year suffering in laboratories. Every animal has a soulor should we say HAD a soul. 

This is the story of our journey at Harmony Hall to return all those souls to peace, preferably while they still have a life to lead!

Thought for the morning: Where there are feathers, there were birds! Don't buy or lie around on cushions and duvets full of downy feathers. Too much suffering for so many other little beings will make them uncomfortable to at least your soul. Cuddle up for warmth instead, love Rebecca xxx

2. Grieving the loss of millions every single month
God bless Frederick and his brethren. His anniversary was yesterday, the Animal Equality group said. May St Francis, Pope Francis and our own Frances be right when they say we'll see you in heaven. Thinking of you and sending lots of love from Legend xxx

3. Ireland needs a Political Party for the Animals  
Public Comment: An Animal referendum for Ireland is a "Great idea, it's about time. You know that in Holland we've a Party for the Animals political party. It looks at everything from the usual animal cruelty issues, to climate change, a green economy, etc. Ireland, by the way, apart from it's appalling involvement with intensive livestock farming, has been creating a huge environmental issue. While the country exports, or consumes at home, the meat, milk and it's products, Ireland is left with this enormous pile of dung. It's one of the reasons why the groundwater has become undrikable and why it needs extra purification. In the south of The Netherlands, some water purifications plants had to close down because they simply could no longer purify such water. Ireland is doing the same. It's no longer a 'green' country. Check it out on global air/water/ground pollution maps, Ireland is now red, that's one down from the worst areas of the world (and yes, unfortunately, that includes The Netherlands)."

4. Love At First Sight
Thought for the day: Think of the first photo that you saw of your girlfriend or boyfriend! Life is all about making memories. This is the first picture I saw of my gorgeous girlfriend Rebecca! Love
Legend x x x and this is my song for her - "I see you, Baby, Shaking that Ass"

5. Ah Legend, this was my first sight of you! I love the fact you traveled so far to find me. This is my song for you - Dolly Parton, "...he's a gentleman and a gentleman is getting mighty hard to find"

6. Pig In A Blanket? 
Thought for the day! Its World Vegetarian Day today. Its time to decide what pigs in blankets you really want to see. Is it the loved up, looked after, kind like my pink friend and Rebecca here? Or is is it the chopped mercilessly into tiny pieces for a snack kind? I hope everyone will choose to mind ALL animals, as of today. When Rebecca came, she was called Bacon. Frances thought No Way! of course but remembered, from the horses, that it can be unlucky to change a name. So she kept the Latin root and went with Becky. Things like roots, beautiful names and being tucked in at night under blankets are some of the things that make us glad to be alive. Question is, can Rebecca & I, alongside Linda McCartney Sausages, inspire you to become vegetarian? Believe me it'll do your hearts good x x x

7. PAWS Charity Ball - Don't forget they only rehome until the end of November 
- Adopt someone right away, so they know the ropes by Christmas!!
Here are some of our girl friends who love animals at the PAWS Charit
y Ball last night. Beautiful bunch I think and looks like they had some nice vegan nosh, or at least plenty of cutlery in readiness for it! Love you lots, love Rebecca xxx

8. Make Cruelty To Animals History - ARAN's Campaign in Dublin sees 5000 people demonstrate!
Thanks for seeing me off to Dublin this morning guys! I'd never have made it without your focus and enthusiasm to Make Cruelty To Animals History!

9. Friendly Fish Feelings 
Legend, did you see this? Fish feel the same about each other as we do!

10. What rights should we vote on, in our Animal Referendum in Ireland?
Legend, do you think anyone reading this actually knows what we need to call for a referendum? Is there a bit of legislation that stops farm animals having welfare rights or a right to life or the five freedoms? Or do we need to argue that we have 'personhood', like that chimp did in New York recently? Do we need something taken out of legislation or put in?!! If anyone knows the way forward, please comment! Thanks a mil, lots of love Rebecca x x x

‘The fundamental rights of life, liberty and bodily integrity – rights that every person reading this piece demands or takes for granted – should not be exclusive to humans.' 

This is what Gary Yourofsky says and his speeches have woken up more people to the animal holocaust - 150 billion innocent animals a year -than maybe anyone else!

11. Respect life
It sounds like Keurig care about nothing and noone. Each of us makes our own choices though. With a moment's thought, its pretty obvious that we shouldn't kill and other ways exploit animals for food, we shouldn't buy from companies that trash the environment, we should be able to get past a sugar addiction and we should not eat processed foods. Its basic respect for life, our own and everyone else's.

12. WHO Report 
spells out that eating meat kills you because processed meats are preserved with massive amounts of chemicals that cause cancer.

Fast Against Slaughter 
Fasting Against Slaughter today, well at least Frances is! One can achieve so much more in a day if there's not endless meal preparation, toast, elevensies, nibbles etc etc. Her radio shows are to help us get past the linear and obvious and work with the bigger picture! Today's the day to be the change you want to see in the world! Animals deserve a break, even people deserve a break from the toxicity of the food industry. No more pandering. Complete independence, complete compassion! Why not? DId you have something else more important planned?! 

Frances is doing the Fast Against Slaughter today! Thousands of people are doing it as they love all our brethren!

14. Where are those 5 Freedoms that the government's Animal Welfare Act promised?
Thought of the day: Reflect on your physical freedom. You can go outside, you can go inside, you can go on line, talk on the phone, make a cup of tea, put some music on, turn some chat show off. Being able to make decisions about your environment is a very, very great joy. I have been free as a roaming pig for a few years and I'll tell you about that one day.
Since I got here I've chosen to stay around. We want to share information about pig priorities and trigger a big change for pigs in trouble - which, scarily, is nearly all the other pigs you might come across. Today we helped Frances trim the willow fence and learn the latin names for the bee- and bird-friendly garden she's designing for college. The first picture is Rebecca and I under the Leycesteria Formosa (Pheasant Berry) and the Buddleja (Butterfly Bush)! Lots of love Legend xxx

15. Pigs Might Fly!
Look Legend, this is much better even than the eclipse! Actually, this is what people say to Frances, when she talks about the idea of everyone coming vegan. What's that Rebecca? They say 'Yes and pigs might fly'...And here I am doing it. I knew we'd show them one day! xxx
by Lesley Dempsey, Equine Physiotherapist Carlow

16. Thought of the day! 16th of October is going to be the Raise Your Voice day. This is for bloggers and any writers and we're going to collectively try and stop slavery - of people and animals! Please add a post if you fee like it and thanks a million, love Legend x x x

17. Creating Calm Network - Healing From Harmony Hall & New Directions podcasts 
Hey, two celebrations today - Frances' birthday and a work anniversary for her as well -2 years as a radio host for the Creating Calm Network. If you are wondering what she would like for her birthday, it would be a day without any of her friends eating meat. She mentioned that she herself pays 100 dollars a month to put the healing show and the social awareness show out each week. Her intention was to raise compassion for all living things and would love for animals to get a break from being eaten and otherwise used and abused! Thanks a million, love Rebecca and Legend xxx

18. Transgenic Animals
Legend and Rebecca are praying for the herd of 16 genetically modified pigs to be killed unless someone maybe could rescue them?! They were reflecting on the words: "When the first such pig was created in 1999, “I had the feeling in seven or eight or nine years that transgenic animals probably would be acceptable. But I was wrong,” Dr. Forsberg said." The doctor (loosely applicable title) went on to say that the herd would be killed but their sperm frozen ''until the world catches up and it will catch up'' Pigs across the world are rather hoping that it won't and that no one has frozen the doctor's sperm so he'll go down in history as an unrecoverable error.

19. Military Experiments
We are also campaigning to stop our friends being used in blood splatter experiments by the military. Its more horrible and unnecessary the more you think of it.

20. Reflecting on What Arguments Really Work
'Yes darling Rebecca!' 
'What do you think people need to see or hear that would make them realize its horrible to eat us?' 
'Good question, but its not the sights and sounds of the slaughterhouses, or the sights and sounds of animals at liberty and play. Nothing engages people. Its a terrible and total heart and soul loss. The lights are on but no-one's home in many people. Or maybe the lights are on but no one dares look out the window!'
'Is there any hope, do you think, my Legend?'
'Oh Yes, Rebecca! You don't think its a coincidence that us two communicative and ready-to-get-political pigs have ended up here in this loved up household with Frances standing by to take note of our every word!? We are here to make changes and answer questions. She is here to retrieve hearts and souls and maybe give a few tips on how to cook some good vegan grub!'
'So that's good, you're saying that Nature is conspiring with us to help all animals and this is a perfect head quarters for operations?
'Exactly, my love'
'Sleep well'
'You too!'


21. We love Mercy For Farm Animals, Compassion Over Killing and the World Wide Pig Saves … and everyone else like that!
We made friends with 'Compassion Over Killing'! Their message is that if something is too horrible to look at perhaps people shouldn't be tolerating it!

22. The happiness that this little piglet is feeling while playing in his pool will make your day! (via:

24. Already looking forward to the ground being dry enough again for a love-in like this!xx :

25. Veg Fest in Dublin turned out to attract 1000s more people than expected!
Veg fest today in Dublin! Thanks to everyone who's going. One day we'll save our pig brothers and sisters…and beloved sheep and cows too. When did a sheep ever do anything to anyone?We're all just mellow creatures, set us free! xx

26. Stop Factory Farming
Plans for mega pig farm in Belfast successfully opposed - 1000 letters objecting, 2 in favour!! Thank God. Both life and death are intolerable in those places.

27. Go Vegan Advertising Campaign
Brilliant vegan bus ad campaign by Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary and Mathilda's Promise. All over Ireland!

28. Pig Spirit Guides and Mink too
This is brilliant, Frances just found a blog from over 12 months before we got here, talking about the unique energy of the pig and now she has us two! This is what she had written:
"I was also looking up pigs. They have an energy and heart too. A heart so similar to a human heart actually that transplants are regularly considered. A 75kg pig has the same heart rate and capacity as a 75kg person. They also have the same membrane around their hearts as we do. Some sick loonies have bred human genes in to pigs and bred out some pig genes, to lower the rejection likelihood of a donated heart. Lets have a think about donations… do we usually say we've 'donated' something when our throat is cut to take it off us? Not on the whole I would say. You cannot be passionate about life and take another's.
Each animal has a symbolic meaning. The pig, brilliantly, can lend us the power to respect each other and be mentally independent. They have the very energy we need to facilitate a quick turn around by farmers and consumers too. Who knows how it can happen. But it can happen. Living harmlessly is the way forward. I also looked up the meaning of Mink. This was having heard that 45,000 Mink are killed in the local Portlaoise Fur Farm every year. It read that Mink energy gives us the power of silent observation"

29. Moving Mountains
"You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved!":

Here's our mountain, Rebecca, lets get started! Love you, love Legend
Is it a mountain of animal concerns?
Yes, darling, but we've got to show others it can be moved! and, hey, its World Vegan Month so now's a good time to start!

30. Pet Farm and Grooming Regime
How is Harmony Hall going as a pet farm, you might well ask? Well nine times out of ten, its only Frances fully enjoying it. The last two nights she said that she has had two of the happiest connections and scenes of her life. She has taken to grooming us, Legend and Rebecca, at the doorstep. The first night, when she finished, Legend maneuvered around to lean his massive head and shoulders against her leg. She said, she could palpably feel the heart connection of a 20 second hug - this is a phenomenon she said that she will elaborate on later!! What was the funniest thing was the next night. She started brushing me, Rebecca, and I right away fell over sideways to suggest a belly rub. Then Legend saw what was going on and literally tippled over on his side, nearly on top of me, to get in on the action!

31. Pig Feeding
As the wind picks up, so is our feeding regime! Frances, praise the Lord, spotted that Rebecca was getting all the grub as I take such slow and small mouthfuls! Now we are fed separately and I can take my time. Dear Rebecca, I love her but she really does find it difficult to share! Maybe that sort of self preservation affects many people and animals, fear based greed that there might not be enough to go around. Well we're back on track and now my ribcage is just about covered, I can start sharing my wisdoms again here! Lots of love in the meantime, Legend x x You can kind of see in this picture that she's twice the size she was and I was nearly half the size (see Don Juan on the left who came into the shot to add scale!) Well, never mind, keeping pigs is a new venture and being kept rather than being a roaming pig is also a new venture. We all remain great friends and have a shared 
destiny, that's the important thing to remember!

32. Pig Training
Move the pig' training has begun in earnest! Frances thinks that this is when you practice moving the pig from where he or she is, almost just to prove you can, mainly to interact with us and require a response, also perhaps to establish some manners and then of course tackle her original problem: How do you live alongside animals that don't know the word no!!?
So today, as usual, we were trying to come in the cat flap, which is in smithereens and creating quite a draught with the gaping hole!
With just one five-minute interaction while she pushed us quietly back with the broom, we understood Back! No! Good Boy! and Good Girl! with total clarity.
Some grunting initially but as soon as the one step back and the accompanying Good Boy was heard! we found our tails started wagging again like mad. I would go as far as to say, we enjoyed the session as much as she did.
She hopes to make progress before the new cat flap goes in and hopes that we might leave it alone! Our snouts are so seriously strong and dammit its so tempting to stick them in the cat flap after those pesky dogs!

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