Thursday, November 5, 2015

Space Clearing is Conscious Acknowledgement of Your Environment, DIY Guide Part One

Space Clearing is conscious acknowledgement of your environment.
Mother Earth is fragile at the moment. We must prioritize our intentions.

Clear yourself first - toxicity, heavy metals, geopathic stress, mental, physical, emotional etc. Don’t skip this bit. You can’t clear anything if you’re not clear yourself. Well you can but all you do is wander off with it without realizing it and assimilate it into your own body. Worth avoiding! Clear fear - this includes the affirmation there is no energy greater or smaller than you and there is no energy good or bad, everything just is.

Every turbulence is resolved and rendered harmless when acknowledged consciously.

You are there to acknowledge and respond so learn how to avoid going in to a reaction.
So, as preparation to do a specific space clearing, you clear with the pendulum, any chance of going into reaction. Signs of going in to reaction are feeling ‘oh no, there feels like a dark presence here’, spontaneous fatigue or throwing up everywhere - like I did the other day!

Engaging and enquiring about the stories of a place also invite reaction. For example, when you’re clearing a place where 3 people have committed suicide, its been burnt down and rebuilt, nothing will grow in the garden and there are still stretches of famine wall running along the side of the garden for example, stay methodical!

Just do what you do. When you get to the bit when you’re talking to the inhabitants (even if that’s you) notice the feelings that come up around those stories and clear those. Only if you do things in this order will you expand your own awareness, clear the place and then harmonize the energies of the inhabitants to their environment.

You are bringing a whole stretch of reality into an experience of zero resistance and more importantly into the frequency of zero point energy. This is self generating, self healing and self supporting energy.

This isn’t just some spiritual human experience of ok ness or feeling a bit better. In electrical terms, we can function at 7.83 hertz but due to industry and geopathic stress, we are coping with electrical frequencies of up to 350 hertz.

Because it is familiar we literally choose homes and scenarios that resonate at a frequency we’re used to. That’s like making a bee line for a live wire, to repeat the physical, mental or emotional shocks or to keep up the huge stress on our systems.

Bear in mind, anything above the 7.83 htz interferes with messages from brain to body to co ordinate basic functions like breathing, growing and learning of any sort...hence cot deaths, learning and behavioural difficulties, cancer, heart attacks and MS and other nervous system crises.

My method
Clear earth energies and clear metaphysical energies.
Find them with the dowsing rod and clear them with the pendulum.

As your body gets used to meeting certain information, it clears more easily.

The familiarization programme I set myself ten years ago was to go to ancient places of prayer, protection, conflict and untouched nature. I became fearless and keen to spread the benefits. Until this week. The overload I experienced in the last fortnight that made me realize everyone should clear their own.

For me it included a doctor’s surgery, an addictions support network, an incapacitated senior bank manager, a peaceful resolution for Egypt, a farm of geopathic bogged down land, desperate finances and struggling animals, five witnessed road kills - hedgehog, pheasant, two cats and a badger, one car crash, geopathic stress and 700 years of metaphysical history for Esquires cafe where I have my exhibition up of paintings and the same for Comer library where I have the other half of my work.

Then there were two people who had been off work with unmanageable stress; sending to the light of 7 beloved parents, 3 children, 2 beloved horses, one dog, three broken relationships over 20 years in length and abuse, insecurity, poverty and pain for about 30 people and their families.

So, find and create energy flows into and around your home. Every doorway, every stick of furniture, every occurrence, notice it, clear it and take your time. This is life! You can either be wired to the moon or your nearest pylon or you can unwind like this!

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