Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Live Export - We all want it to stop.

Cattle Left Standing in Petrol Stations

I just don't know what to do about live export. These poor cows were going ballistic today. The sounds from them made my blood run cold they were so distressed. I asked the Apple Green manager to call the driver and he said 'he's probably gone off home, they usually leave the trucks here and go off' and then he went about revisiting his cctv camera footage to find him. 

You Can't Go Very Far Ballistic In a Truck

You can go as ballistic as you want but with no room to turn around, solid sides and only air and light at the top out of reach, I sensed a hell. A hell repeated day in day out, thousands and thousands on their way to the hold of a boat and days in transit and no food, water or let out for a bit, never. Slaughter at the end every time. 

Abject Terror and Desperation Irish-style

We've broken their spirits with intolerable treatment and somehow I'm considered nonsensical for asking it to stop. Isn't it normal to want it to stop? Isn't it abnormal to allow such carnage and suffering to continue? Maybe I'm mad but I realised, when the guy at the garage said that, that it is even worse than I thought for animals in transit. The drivers don't give a flying toss, totally blind and indifferent to the animals on the back. Like really.
  • Liselott Olofsson Every time I see one of those trucks I feel so upset .
    We will be sickened in years to come realizing that we allowed these animals to suffer in that way .. when we finally put an end to speciesism and see that these animals are fully capable of feelin
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  • Lucy Glendinning We will.... Unacceptable, animal cruelty. Imagine if this was dogs
  • Yeti McBett thanks for acting and telling... I feel so sick about these poor animals and I got many enemies after that
  • Helen Murray Barbaric. Because it's unnecessary. Will we become vigilantes? Are we morally obliged too?
  • Marilyn Melfi Cruel beyond words ! This saddens me so much . I wish I could free them all
  • Anne Walsh Live export is the cruelest and most unnecessary of suffering. All for human greed #BanLiveExport

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