Wednesday, September 11, 2019

3 Gardening Insights on The Eve of The Harvest Festival Full Moon

3 Gardening Insights 

on The Eve of The Harvest Moon

1) Planting something to harvest, underneath other plants 

- like you might have planted spring bulbs in the past. For me it was potatoes.

I didn't want to waste a perfectly good pot of soil on just an ornamental flower so I planted potatoes under each. I had dragged the pots outside first, once their original contents had been planted out in the new indoor yin yang bed. All these avocados were started from stones - avocado stones mind you! Today I was sad to pull out the beautiful and edible nasturtiums too that had been going for months.

Younger avocados with rosemary and tarragon

Yesterday's was the tiniest potato harvest ever! However, it liberated the pot and soil again and the shrub on top has its own bed now half way down my re-wilded lawn!

Potato harvest that fitted in a cup

 Wherever I see a dock leaf starting, I dig it up and make a little new bed and plant whatever I have in it. It's not easy I've broken 2 shovels already but re-homed every earthworm safely. I even planted some St John's Wort in case I really feel I can't take it any more... I heard it's an anti depressant! 

2) Plants really bond with each other. 

There were 5 avocados that had taken root out in the garden - surely that says something about the climate changing! Anyway, they needed to come in before the weather gets cold.

Avocados that started themselves outside

But they flatly refused to come without their immediate neighbours

Plants love other plants

I'm only coming if she can come too!

So it is not a same-species connection. The plum tree that I planted at 1.5ft height, only four months ago, is now 7ft tall and has a protective arm around it's giant avocado and small but sturdy orange trees neighbours.

 It is simply incredible to see this synergy in action.

3) Every day it is wise to pick something, plant something and paint something.

Today's windowsill has, from left to right:
Me 22 years ago today, graduating with a first class batchelor of arts:
Two rounds of hazelnut harvest - 3 weeks ago and today. I bet you have them in the hedges too so don't forget to harvest some. I will put the recipe, perhaps my 'Sovereignty food' millionaire shortbread because it features them:
Chard and rocket started in the seed tray:
3 of my favourite dogs, Jonah, Zola and Sky, in autumn colours:
Four shot glasses for ginger wine inspiration:
A 'Harmony' inscribed ceramic coaster, to raise the resonance of the drinking water around here:
Out the window, the lawn can just be seen that is now mint and mini apple trees and lavaterre and every other thing planted out to support the birds and the bees.

I am definitely into nature worship and the veneration of plants, animals and geological structures. It just seems to be what is called for. To keep this practical, I am also writing to the today to ask them about animal testing and whether it has changed at all. I remember Ireland put several million to one side to promote and establish other testing methods that don't use animals and so I think we should follow it up and check it is happening.

Anyone else feel like writing to them as well please do. If you want help in the garden give me a shout. If you want to see more of my paintings see Frances Micklem on Saatchi Art

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