Friday, September 20, 2019

Halal - disapproval letter to copy and sent

The announcement that Irish schools were providing halal-approved school dinners has stepped up the urgency for the department to act and ban the halal slaughter methods. 

I hope they'ree teaching the young on how that means slaughtered in noncompliance to Irish Laws. I hope they are told that it means animals are slaughtered without stunning and being left to bleed out for however long it takes. In fact we know, that some animals are still conscious and fighting for their lives as the first cuts of meat are removed. 

Yes, for it to be Halal-approved, 'the animal must NOT be unconscious'
Also, the word Allah, meaning God, must be pronounced at the time of slaughter. 
Let's guess which of these the meat factories are adhering to? Cheap as chips not to stun or gas anyone before hanging them upside down and slitting their throat. 

There is RTE, proud as punch about the school dinners, all halal-approved. What are we, a bunch of ignorant sadists or whoops, we didn't know. We just thought it was a religious preference and hey, what harm. 

There is less than 1% Muslims in Ireland. We are all supposed to be eating less meat and moving away from animal agriculture and pesticides to protect the environment. Yes, the media are pressing the benefits of hale-approve hot, meat meals for children (Gougons were totally processed entrails from the meat plants are being condoned when the World Health Organisation say that the preservatives in convenience pre-prepared meats contain the highest levels of carcinogens)

The department vets must be overseeing this halal-approved slaughtering, I would like a response as to what you are going to do about it. I know that it is tolerated so far so that we can export our god-forsaken produce to Egypt - when I say 'we' again obviously I mean the meat industry. Thank God Muslims don't eat pork or they would be halal-slaughtered too. But is that how you are making your decisions now, what some random countries and religious traditions want, regardless of Ireland's laws, politics, public opinion and basic human consideration for other sentient beings. You wouldn't even bring a Catholic consideration to the trade table. While we're talking though, I am a big follower of St Francis and calling upon him right now to make sure you put a stop to Halal-Approved slaughter and the other industry cruelties you overlook.

Do you intend to let the animals suffer like this and the farmers, as I wrote to you before about and let the whole society be fed with chemical-ridden, cruelly exploited animals?

Say no to big animal agriculture, big agrichemical companies and all their produce. It's not rocket science and don't turn a blind eye discussion of school dinners debacle

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