Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Activist Art 2018 Part 2


Helping and being helped by other artists 

2) Royal Art Academy Submission

This final showdown between the unicorn and dragon was started in response to the county dog shelter and 450,000 euro of public money being given to the knackers lorry, an animal body parts company, registered in Latvia. For more information see Dog Shelter Tender 2016.

3) Article on reverse osmosis water filtration.

4) Plant out water garden, new bed, following stone masonry 

5) Date With An Angel: Haye House Publishers open submission competition. Entered with book on conscious concepts: Life as a mirror, creating your own reality and conscious creativity. 

6) Attended Peace Talks in Oxford, with head of Oxfam.

7) Interview with Freya Lawton, author of The Peace Intention and creator of the Stillflow Healing process. Creating Calm Network - a past interview on The Peace Intention

8) HSE consultants problems for Chronic Pain patients. Advocacy submission.

9) Clearing the land

Pendulums for retreats


1) Creative Health meetings 

2) Piano lessons

3) Writing: Early Years Education Thesis

4) Exhibition and Talks planned to coincide with the Summer Solstice, creative writing group, knitters group and lifestyle/cooking group.

5) Garden-based Clearings, one-to-one

6) Painting in Milan


1) Ceramic coasters work

2) Working with other creatives

3) Continued Professional Training - Maynooth

4) Art Exhibition starting for one month, including talks and tasters of vegan cooking and nutrition


1) Submission for National Forum on working parents.

2) Article for Conscious Magazine on navigation and geometry.

3) Building the polytunnel out of what friends could find.

4) Exhibition moved. New three week programme of talks and artworks on display


5) Piano tuned to 432 hertz

6) 2 concerts: Yours truly at the Castlcomer Academy of Music. Then Wolfe Island Records artists from Canada. Video from a 2017 concert here; Chris Brown performing Superior with Kate Fenner and Suzanne Jarvie- both of which had new albums too

Photo credit: Dee Sewell
7) Designs requested from architect Michael Rice, original architect of Harmony Hall, for a greenhouse.

Just two of the amazing pages of his proposal
8) Investigated carbonated water shortage and found that they use the same gas to carbonate water as they do to gas pigs before slaughter. Them cutting back meant less unconsciousness for animals before the chop.

9) Piano Classes

10) Next Exhibition started with lots of interest in the art and the workshops run in tandem, over Kilkenny Arts Week.

11) Help from other artists again

Eclectic Interiors, Castlecomer Discovery Park

12) Canada Healing - this long-distance work might take a physicist to explain in writing. I just do it.

13) Corruption In Ireland, conference panel that toured. The information was shocking and submissions to the Dail and Transparency Ireland, as a result.

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