Monday, February 26, 2018

Where reality and Wellbeing Meet - If you're lucky!

I have published a set of angel cards. Each one is a unique painting of mine with ideas for people who already are conscious of a lot of healing principles and can make use of them in reflection.

As I look through them, I realize that the cards might need an accompanying booklet like angel cards do with a little more information!

This is what I came up with for The Blue People, who some might recognize as being on the cover of my book as well.

This card talks about 6D, as opposed to 3D

What is there in the 6th Dimension that is not found in 3D and how can it impact on our daily lives? The sixth dimension is made of pure light. This is not like the light at the end of the tunnel; something to look forward to. It can be visualized as an underlying grid of powerful energy. Some people may have already heard of a hologram; an optimum version of you and everything else that we can see that underpins the solid and imperfect creations of our tangible world. It stands to reason that if you reflect on this aspect of yourself, you will come to identify with it more than your current self-image, circumstances and any external judgments you meet.

The way you can access this dimension is through meditation or just asking, while involved in other tasks like washing up or playing a piece of music. Alternatively, I love to do it while swimming. I make each length an acknowledgment of another dimension.

As the insights start coming thick and fast and uninterrupted, you will realize this dimension holds your true nature and that your original nature is still intact and unchanged thankfully, by all that has happened to you. Your body, mind and feelings can all be healed via regular return to reflection on this dimension. Do not worry that you may lose touch with reality if you explore new perspectives. It is not a choice between living in one way or another. The dimensions are just layers to experience, all happening simultaneously.

Having lived with awareness of a multi dimensional  reality for years, I have discovered that life is only 20% physical and the other 80% invisible to the naked eye, not available to touch empirically and impossible to access by basic, polarized thought (inc. true/false, right/wrong, black/ white!) Opening your mind and waking up to who you really may be and are supposed to become, will be the most enjoyable adventure you’ll ever go on and best of all? You can do it on the quiet. No one will know where you’ve gone or even that you ventured off. You will, though, return to the present moment and company, sun-kissed and radiant with that light. I say give it a go and don't knock it 'til you've tried it!

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