Thursday, February 8, 2018

Readier than ever for Veggie Visitors!

Wonderful vegan times on the road in England and Ireland. I can't recommend it enough! Mainly I was gardening and campaigning for animals, peace, the environment and not least the inordinate amount of people too that I found in trouble along the way. As many of you will have found, once you have woken up there is no going back to sleep. It is like you have a radar on your head that recognizes the life and trials of others. Empaths get no rest until they learn to switch off at bedtime.  That is what has made me come back to Harmony Hall with renewed purpose. There is a need for a place like this for people to get back in touch with nature.

Photographs by Frances Micklem

If you are just such a traveller, this bio-architecture vegan sanctuary might be a place to visit in Ireland. There is a meditation garden, some very friendly animals and energy clearing, all part of the service.

Cody Buckalew Photography

I have returned to Harmony Hall to move my idea of a food brand forwards…apparently sales of vegan foods have risen 967% but let’s see if a cheerful and resourceful, but previously unsuccessful, entrepreneur can participate in that supermarket sweep!  I have offered a raw vegan organic ‘meals onwheels’, which was really delicious but even providing for my first customer proved to be a full time job. There’s a café in the offing now where I plan to offer slap up Sunday lunches and also hand over pre-ordered weekly supplies!

In the meantime, I am hopeful that I can offer to guests at least a good night’s sleep. The sacred geometry of the building and the acoustics mean you will also get inspiration to finish your project if you are a writer, researcher or musician. Although it is off the beaten track it has a funny way of getting people back on track!

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