Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My Body Is My don't hear this much any more!


I am pleased today to be promoting a new diet for everyone who has a few pounds to lose or health that is under par.

No.1 Eat Less

 Sounds obvious but if you had to compete for food in the family, you might still be eating more than you want out of sheer bloody mindedness!

No.2 Eat more raw 

51% or more of one's daily food should be raw as it keeps the nutrients.

No.3 Drink more water 

But always filtered, not from the tap.

No.4 Savour Your Food

This involves a) tasting it then loving it or leaving it, depending! If it's good for you but doesn't taste immediately appetizing, hold your nose. Or b) summon up gratitude for each ingredient. 

Think how hard it must be to harvest nuts, let alone shell them. With argon oil, the nuts are shelled by hand by women, in Morocco. But even more famiiar things, every onion, grain and carrot has taken the efforts of people and the good will of nature. Focusing on them for a moment, really makes you appreciate your food more. 
I don’t think there is any big brand that is going to benefit from this strategy as you’re going to have to make most of the raw food yourself BUT that way you’ll find out for yourself that only a small bit is enough as they’re delicious but super rich, which kind of covers effort 1) which was to not eat so much.

Sweet but packed with everything a body needs! 
Pretty much straight way you’ll think dammit, does that mean I should cut out dairy, eggs, sugar and gluten? And then you’ll realize,… wow! ….I’ve already done it; none of those things are found in those raw recipes I'm making anyway!

And if you're a sucker for bread and rely on it for pack lunches and every other time you leave the house, make the really easy yeast-free one. Its easy, rises, is vegan obviously, has extra key things like rye and molasses in to support your kidneys, is delicious and freezes well if you make 3 loaves at a time, which is the only way!

I know some people may be pessimistic about the cost of good (read organic, not-sprayed) food and ingredients but another part of the diet is to detox from those negative thoughts. 

47 pendulums of a bead variety I must have made on Valentia one time, for Arts Week, but I love my ceramic ones too and often resort to swinging a nearby phone charger if I can't put my hand on anything else to use. Just swing it clockwise and say to yourself, something like 'thank you for the money and motivation to make all these positive changes in my life'. Let it swing until it rests naturally.

Also remember, less is good. So get 400g of organic nuts rather than 800g of sprayed and just use them more sparingly.

N.B. If there is nothing mentioned on the label that means the produce is covered in pesticide and produced at the expense of some poor country and people in the supply chain.

Instead I, for one, am focusing on my emotional and physical health. This is where I find myself  saying ambient things, before eating, like ‘My body is my temple’ and ‘Thank you for all the remarkable people and their activities who manage to grow this stuff.’

Let this diet also get you out in the garden or planting tomato seeds in your window, opening up another avenue again to health and happiness

Misunderstandings in the Way?

I wonder if most people hear 'My body is 'A' Temple or 'YOUR' temple': Implying somewhere where someone else is being expected to worship!! No, no, no! Your body is your own temple. Even if you are not spiritual; adorn it, keep it elastic, spend time there, clean the windows and only  allow in the most dedicated friends.  Others will surely nick the trinkets or even your soul, if you don’t preserve the sanctity of the space!

In third dimensional terms, this involves looking after yourself. You only have one life in the sense that this day, this moment and this body are some of the main things you have to play with right now!

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