Sunday, November 20, 2016

Which Trailers Full of Animals Capture Your Attention?

You hear dogs in a trailer, you think 'God, that sounds like loads of dogs in that trailer, I hope they're alright. where can they be going?

You see cows in a trailer, do you think anything at all? Do you think God, I bet they are going to the factory to be killed?

You see sheep in a trailer, what do you think? God help them, there are far too many animals in there, crammed on top of each other, what a cruel practice? Or God, people only eat lamb, so those guys can only be a year old, maximum.

You see pigs in a trailer, do you notice them? Like cows they do not make much noise, so it is different from a trailer of cats meowing or dogs barking that would get your attention. But pigs and cows are far from dumb or relaxed about their fate. A pigs' heart, not just the nerves or occasional parts but the whole entire thing is a match for the human heart.
A B and B guest of ours had had a transplant of a pig's heart and it was powerful and allowed the boy to grow up. But even if their hearts weren't useful to us. Even if they did shout and scream in the trailers as they're carted off to their deaths, even if they weren't piled two high in indifference, even if the cows weren't kept at the slaughterhouse for an extra hour or two to be used as models for trainee farmers to practice their artificial insemination technique on them - sticking sticks up their intimate regions repeatedly. Even if you don't see the trailers of animals as parallel to the trailers of jews to Austwich or slaves all over, you must see that there is a moral significance to taking lives? And there are moral consequences to what you personally do.

I would love everyone to think about how they're living, their choices and consider their effects. Don't shy away from any information, just put it in your pipe and smoke it. See how you can live in more and more alignment with your values and nature. This is what I've been doing in regard to PALM OIL. It kills orangutans - as plantations spread to Africa more and more habitat is lost. It is in lots of foods and I will just start looking out for it and not buy the products which have it in. As some of my vegan favourites still have it in like Bute Island Smoked Cheddar style cheese, I will write via facebook and email to ask them to make the switch to fully harmless ingredients.

Yesterday, I learnt a lot of personal lessons, from the perspective of a hangover from hell!! I was sick so many times and paralyzed but I received insight too.

No 1. This must be how most people feel all the time to a lesser extent: In the semi-horrified result of wilfully contaminating one's body and ignoring one's own soul through stuffing one's face with sugar or meat or alcohol or by daily immersion in low vibration environments like many work-places. When you are toxified yourself, you can't spare a thought for anyone else, being far too busy just coping with yourself. I imagine that that is how the new world order wants it, every man indifferent to everyone else.

No. 2. People are suffering as well as animals. I have always empathized with animals but often expected fellow humans to take more responsibility for themselves. That is what I think being human is all about - a gradual increase in understanding, reduction in blame and expansion of compassion. That way we become conscious creators of our experience. Yesterday I realized that the majority are suffering at the hands of their own previous unconscious choices. All they can do is justify themselves or be defensive about it. Discernment, positive change, emotional maturity all just seem impossible asks anymore.  Now I have felt the suffering, how preoccupying and totally absorbing it is, I feel much more sympathy for people. I realize how bad people are feeling and how it makes one selfish.

So if you want to detox and start that ol' growth spurt again, where you become the person you wanted to be, part of the solution and not part of the problem and create some head space to care about other people and animals, that you pass on the road on their way to their deaths, be it sooner or later. Come and learn how to clear your head, your heart and your conscience. Or they'll only weigh you down!

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