Saturday, November 5, 2016

Possibly Handy Vegan Menu, To Guide Your Week's Shopping!

 A little while ago, I had guests here for a full week and so I just thought I'd share the menu. This is in case anyone is racking their brains for a succession of meal ideas but they, like me, have to buy all the ingredients at one time and not venture out again for the week's duration! It meant that fresh foods that would not keep must be served up early on. Also some frozen items are good. Some sauces that can carry over, in a new format (eg from shepherd's pie to bolognaise or chille) and other, more expensive ingredients, like specifically-requested fruit like nectarines and grapes could be spread out as treats.

Dinner: Falafel, humous, broccoli, home made bread
Desert: Nectarine, banana, tangerine, 10 grapes to make a fruit salad

Breakfast: Linda McCartney Sausage, potato waffles and half a tin of beans
Dinner: Nut roast, roast parsnip, potato, steamed sweet potato, carrot
Desert: Cake - there were really amazing chocolate cakes, banana cakes, apple cake, one that features courgette although you can't taste it and similarly one that features beetroot but you don't taste that either. The veg just makes them really light and sort of mysteriously healthy, against the odds!

Breakfast: Mushrooms on toast, one sausage and half tin of beans
Dinner: Thai curry - chick peas, coconut milk, tom yum paste (vegan tom yum paste from Shortis Wong's John St), mange tout, broccoli, brown rice
Desert: Baked bananas in maple syrup

Breakfast: Cereal - Apple and Cinnamon Crispies, bread and jam
Dinner: Pasta, tomato, carrots, courgettes, peanuts and falafels.

Breakfast: Organic Porridge, cinnamon, an apple cut up small and Highbank organic apple/any syrup
Dinner: Shepherd's Pie, TVP Mince (Textured Vegetable Protein is a very mince-like dehydrated food that a bag of which goes a very long way) or cooked lentils, tomato and carrots, mashed potato - made with Pure (non-dairy margarine made out of soya or olive oil or sunflower oil), non-dairy milk and salt and pepper.

Dinner: Spaghetti bolognese

Dinner: Curry (Korma) with Toffuti non-dairy sour cream and curry powder

Dinner: Vegetable burgers

Dinner: Stuffed red peppers with roast vegetables.

A little garnish of salad leaves, tomato, avocado, olives, celery, with a handful of cooked beans of any sort with a vinaigrette is always a great lunch or just a bit of one of them, on the edge of a meal, is good.
Onions and garlic are a reasonable starting point in most sauces. Coconut, Almond or Soya milk are a reasonable alternative in any tea or coffe or creamy sauces.

Coconut milk, I discovered, makes an absolutely amazing Black Russian, if you prefer cocktails,.. a liquid lunch rather than all the nutritious fare laid out above!

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