Thursday, November 24, 2016

Discussion: Should people in public office be vegan?

It is obvious, I think, that only people who are vegan should hold a public office. Anyone else has not yet been able to get past their own appetites, as the main factor in their decision making. However considered or knowledgeable they are in one or other field is small in comparison to the areas in which they are still refusing to be mindful; such as their health, public health, their conscience, wider peace, their resources use and the fate of nature and the environment.

To put anyone else, who does not have the self discipline to live harmlessly and recognize what is important in other people's lives, is like putting a cleptomaniac in charge of public money and governance - they just can't help themselves - they will misuse it for primarily selfish ends. Kerry MCarthy is vegan and is the Shadow Environment, Food and Environmental Affairs minister in the UK. Clifton Roberts is the leader of the Humane Party in the US. Do we have any vegan politicians in Ireland? I think we might but they are keeping it quiet unless they are thought radical! Funny isn't it that it is out of order to be radically decent and consistent in your awareness and treatment of others. I'd have thought it could be encouraged. Call me old fashioned!

I have some feedback on this that I will cut and paste shortly!!

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