Saturday, November 21, 2020

New Helpline for Individuals and Business Owners

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I'm on a buzz about another aspect of my new website. People might have expected the distance geopathic stress clearing I launched last week, but many are asking: Why am I offering a Free Helpline to individuals and businesses affected by Covid?

I just don't want anyone else taking their own lives because the restrictions are making them go bankrupt, for want of someone to talk to, proper advocacy, someone who cares and is able to help find other ways forward, with support and grants. 

This is an important time to be alive. There's a glaring double standards going on within the authorities, around who is allowed to do what and who will be supported in this crisis.

Europe, Ireland included is to be subjected to the horrendous economic plans they are proposing for us in their budget. They have so ignored the proposals of the one MEP who proposes a solution - a 0.01 tax on all financial transactions, not too much to ask - that he had to hunger strike for 18 days at least and lose 10kg of his body weight to get his idea back on the table for discussion. That is how determined the EU (with our own Paschal Donohoe right in there) not to help Europ out of the impending recession, Even though the financial sector are doing marvellously,

So don't think they care if we do or don't survive over here. We the people must support each other. Pick up the phone if you need to.

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