Saturday, November 21, 2020

Geopathic Stress and EMF Clearing in Ireland and Remotely

At the Pylons Demonstration...It's Just Been Rolled Out Anyway
 & Next Highspeed Rural Broadband

We are Veritably Swamped in EMF - Electro Magnetic Frequencies

Come and Learn How To Clear Yourself and The People (& Possibly Pollinators) You Care About

Geopathic Stress Clearing 

Working remotely: I am very excited to launch my new website, the Alternative Health Consultancy. As you know, the actual health centre, with its all-organic and plant-based catering and accommodation, are on the Kilkenny/Carlow border. However this service of clearing Geopathic Stress, which clears all the electro magnetic and other earth and technological energies out of your home and your family, I can do from a distance. How you may ask? Because Harmony Hall is a bio-architecture building and so it acts as a blueprint. For more information, please follow the link!


My first geopathic stress clearing client, from the new site just wrote: "I feel a huge calm over our house & home. It doesn't seem as chaotic any more, kids laughing lots and in general everyone in good form"

Website Launch Offer

I have a launch offer for the rest of this year €150 but whenever you need to clear the energy, I'll be there. 

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