Thursday, October 22, 2020

Fusion of nano with the human body in lockdown

This is merely number eleven, actually, on the green party US's policy on Nanotechnology. But here in Ireland we are not even studying the health effects of technology - internet wifi or increased broadband or the behaviour of the technology companies themselves. We are calling it high speed rural broadband, we are calling it an improvement, an essential service, a part of our farming strategy - smart farms?! Even when there are many studies to suggest increased and untested wifi signals adversely affect pollinators and clusters of cancer patients happen to live around phone and internet masts. 

Slightly differently and even worse is this clear recognition that we have consumed nano technology too. I knew that as a client of mine a long time had a husband who sold agrisprays here. They all contain data-collecting nano, to measure the effects on soil fertility over time. These micro technologies deliver information to us as well. For those who care to look, doctors have been able to remotely enhance and subdue psychiatry patients following such an implant. That was twenty years ago whereas now, of course, we swallow any amount of nanotechnology as so little of our food is not sprayed. One way or another, your strings are being pulled and we need to take back mastery of our own minds and bodies. I can help with a nano-detox when you want and show you how to stay clear.

Sarah Connor Chin Ups Terminator Two

  1. "Development of full and open public debate about the implications of nanotechnology and the fusion of nanotech with biological materials and information sciences." ('Biological materials' are, yes, you and I and 'information sciences' does, yes, confirm they are building the nano into us now to collect and deliver data, control and degrade us.

Day One, Second Lockdown - Don't Believe A Word playing in the background as I prepare like Sarah Connor prepared to defeat the lawless merger of technology and biology; man and machine in Terminator Two 

When was it that we got SUCKER tattooed across our foreheads? Meat, pharma, farm, tech and government are doing whatever they fancy. They haven't stopped to take breath. They're buzzing off it, raking it in, upping the controls and we are so damn obedient. It's not the 99% who are careless, it's the flagrant 1%.
Are you going to allow your kids to be lined up and their throats and nostrils scrubbed for testing and tracing after midterm break? I think that is against our bodily integrity, enshrined in Ireland's Constitution. Don't you think if they really wanted to stop the virus they would address the clusters and the industries ignoring the precautions? And the people profiting? What about asking what they're up to.
Perhaps the reason the government can't stop the insane corporate guys is because they know their right and because it's not actually legal to confine people. The rich people know it. You might have heard that Austria moved to ban Glyphosate (which is in line apparently you would have thought with the farm to fork strategy and climate action) but no the EU said sorry you can't do that, however poisonous it is as it is Not Legal. We need to know what the government can foist on us and what they can't.
Otherwise we're like lemmings walking off the cliff to our ruin.
We're just letting it happen and swallowing the story that it's for our own good? Surely not. Let's think about a Mart for instance like this article. Actually let's not. It's the most depressing place on earth, except the slaughter houses. But let them go ahead. Oh yes, and let them take a strong line about not calling a bean burger a burger. Oh and I know, let's go to Glanbia School (which I keep seeing on youtube) and get a vast stipend and learn their side of the story. That dairy's absolutely grand and no problem to health and no problem to the environment and the calves don't mind at all being shot on arrival or binned or kept in isolation to create veal.
Oh yes and those deer that are being culled because there's too many of them? Absolute rubbish. I've seen venison served in 3 places in the last week. It's a growing industry. If you can flog it, allow it. Same for the seal. Someone is buying those dead seals I bet you. They're not just sinking to the ocean floor.
I even found out why dog thefts have been on the up and the ACS (animal collection service) been doing so well. They're trying out the kidneys of a few other breeds as well as the cocker spaniel. Interesting it is that it was 2014 when I started getting involved with the dog pound situation and we uncovered this horrendous business and that dogs were going to labs.
"Jun 19, 2014 — ... Cocker spaniel-derived MDCK cells key to winter influenza vaccine supplies ... The Swiss drugmaker manufacturers its vaccines using Madin-Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cells.
There has been not one move to make us sustainable health, mentally, emotionally or financially. This is a deliberate power grab and I encourage you to lie low and be as self-sufficient as possible among your friends and neighbours but do not believe a word these crooks are spouting. They got their pay rises. They've got their captive audience. Keep smiling but stay aware you are being lied to and don't agree to anything.
Ah, I'm finished I think...I think I said everything I wanted to when i saw the marts were staying open!!

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