Thursday, October 1, 2020

40% of goods 80% of tenancies...goes to bank profits - Public banks take nothing out of the economy

 "It Is Imperative to grasp that we need "gainful employment” and "productive enterprise” as opposed to enterprises built on extorting from those productive enterprises: Extortion of profits beyond the imaginations of average folk."

Property Prices Are Used As a Marker of the Health of The Economy

"In the context of a housing and homelessness crisis... and in the wake of a massive property price crash... and the onslaught by vultures on innocent folk, etc. etc., that property prices are generally used as a marker of the ”health of the economy”; that practice is a fundamentally wrong and bad practice, creating a very serious illusion. The economy is very different from ‘the people’. 

We're all the greyhounds now, running for our lives with the bankers in hot pursuit. Already 50,000 threatened with repossession of their homes. Seeing as the pillar banks have been insolvent since 2005 and allowed to continue lending by auditors until now, banks should really forgive those debts. Let's join together in a movement to make them do just that.

"Think about the role played by large property development companies, in extracting /extorting huge profits from the process of delivering new houses to the market (think social housing schemes); that extraction /extortion of value, is estimated at approx. €100,000, per house, in too many cases. 

It should also be clearly understood, that higher property prices, regardless of the real value for either productive or residential purposes, serve as a major support to the commercial banking industry, thus concealing real levels of insolvency. Some mechanism, must be found and delivered, whereby, house prices are properly related to what average people earn. Fixing the ”economy” is an academic exercise. Fixing peoples lives must be top of the list, but that’s a very different matter to fixing ”the economy”.


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