Sunday, October 4, 2020

Quiz: €132bn of Activity contributes NOTHING to Gross National Income

Ask Yourself and your friends:


1. “What if there were €132bn of ‘activity’ in the Irish economy in 2018, which contributed NOTHING TO THE GROSS NATIONAL INCOME”?

2. Ireland Inc. published GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and GNI (Gross National Income)sums for 2018. They were €300bn and €168bn, respectively. Is that 44% variation significant?

3. The Primary Question here, is: ‘Cui bono”, Who benefits from Foreign Direct Investment? 

4. What constitutes “foreign”? 

5. Might YOU be, effectively, a foreigner in the eyes of Ireland Inc?

6. Is Ireland Inc. a corporation to which you might be giving allegiance, unknowingly at your own expense?

7. Is the Irish taxpayer a primary source of Foreign Direct Investment - via tax supports and other interesting mechanisms of financing so called Foreign Direct Investment? 

8. What percentage of so called Foreign Direct Investment into Ireland, €874bn in 2018, is actually borrowed in Ireland?

9. At what rates of interest? 

10. What is ultimately the difference between corporations like Tesco and Ireland Inc.?

An insolvency not a liquidity problem explained to Oireachtas in 2019

Do you now see why we need public banks, banking in the public interest?  

Communication with James Miller Public Banking Forum

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