Saturday, May 2, 2020

Introduction To My Next Book

Replace Responding with Creating

Self-improvement, healing and spiritual expansion are infinitely perfectible tasks but they do not acknowledge your own infinity. The time has come where you have to accept that you are already there, a competent human being. The skills and tools you used for coming to terms with your past and navigating your present must now be put to creative work. 

It might seem like an assumption that enough meditation has been done. Could it really be that you’re taking full responsibility for yourself and your life situations automatically now? Can you really just forge ahead, suddenly self-assured that your intuitions, choices and actions are solid, intrinsically mindful and coming, routinely, from a place of consciousness?

 Yes, because just consider how it changes your identity, from seeker to master, from living a life of running repairs to a life of vital representation. There are so many fascinating and helpful spiritual concepts that this one of having arrived is overlooked. It is the one that grounds us in the present moment, with every possibility and nowhere else we have to get to first. 

Everyone’s journey is different. Some people are comfortable being humbled by the awesome realizations and synchronicities that occur. They do not want to recognize the leadership role, a call to action or creative opportunity being presented. Others who are building their self-awareness are so rigorous in dismantling the conditioned ego structure that they never get around to building a new structure, based on their findings. What are our coherence, clarity and fearlessness for, if not to use, in service. 

For a long time, the only area of service we were called to, was healing. This was just a developmental stage for our compassion, practicing expanding our kindness to beyond the immediately obvious. Maybe also to be able to witness our increased effectiveness, through reflections from others we helped through energy work. 

But, did we not say that we were working on our own inner authority? We have, officially and for the most part, let go any need for approval from others. Unfortunately, after a slip up in self-referencing, many good people decide afresh that they are still stuck in self-doubt and a new cycle of self-development and further education begins. Instead, we should press on with the creative process, stopping only to comfort ourselves that there is bound to be traces of our old creations around. 

There is nothing to prove, physics has demonstrated all the principles we are working with, a century ago. Nonetheless, people who have bothered to learn how to consciously work with the energy field are here, at this time, to do something important. They have a heightened ability to notice what is happening in their environment and happening for others. They are more inclined to care, as they revel in clearing negative charge and seeing unprecedented solutions. Word went around that you should be responsive not reactive. For all these reasons, many make the mistake of wasting their precious resources on a bottomless pit of despair – responding to perceived needs. 

All the old favourites keep us ungainfully employed; exposing the truth, advocating for justice, rescuing from cruelty and encouraging the jaded. This book will explore how all that has been learnt can be applied to generate a magnificent vision and bring it to realization. There is still a place for silence, gratitude, meditation, divining and other energy clearing. I would go as far as to say they should start the day. And what should you use that time to deepen your awareness of? You are already at your most powerful. You have been around the block and have seen enough to know. You trust yourself. You can consider what you are going to make too. Start small or big, do little or loads, but bear in mind that the frequency of your mood has fifty times more impact than the physical creation. 

'Where The Streets Are Paved With Gold'

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