Tuesday, May 12, 2020

What does 560 Covid Cases in Meat Plants Reveal?

Meat companies should not be above the law or HSE guidelines, I said. I told Holohan and Dept of Agriculture and everyone else, on March 20th, that meat factory workers should be allowed to isolate. I told them there was Covid 19 in Shillelagh's Kerry Group sausage making facility. I reported they weren't closing, they were moving staff around to meet demand. Now we've got a cluster f. And all those staff will have had contact with others.

After the mention of 560 meat plant cases, he doesn't say that is more than 2% of all cases, instead:

"Compliance with restrictions introduced to curb the spread of the virus remains very high, according to Dr Holohan, who presented a variety of data on car traffic, heavy goods vehicle movements, public transport numbers, ATM usage and personal activity as measured by Google."

Obviously hasn't a notion about all the industries that have carried on as normal, putting everyone at risk and making a mockery of the nursing homes who've tried every conceivable preparation to avoid a cluster among their residents. 
When I asked (on Day One of the lockdown) if meat factories and live export were to be suspended, I was told 'The meat Industry is too dominant'. What the hell! Talking of hell, I hope those meat bosses and their families set off soon, to rot there (not the kids obviously but there are generations of them in it, perpetuating the zero value of life, so we wouldn't miss the ones with that perspective) And then of course I hope the miserable and sick workers and their families recover and haven't given the virus to too many sausage eating citizens and find less soul destroying work.

Don't kid yourself either that their food safety procedures protect the consumer...no no no. I have so much information to the contrary. And don't think the Department of Agriculture is motivated to produce clean food either. They won't enforce compliance and they won't let anyone else either, they're all in it together protecting sales and trade deals. And the Department of Pharmaceutic...oh I mean Health? Mandatory organic food, produced, exported or imported for 5 years. Then lets review the health of the nation, then talk to us about mandatory drugs. Thank God for the Bodily Integrity clause in our Constitution. I think we all know that there's other things we can do to get well. Oh yes, and of course those pharmaceutical companies coat their medicines in dairy casein so they're not going to want to give that up. And use countless animal ingredients for their vaccines and testing. 

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. 

This story falls into category 2, not 1!! Don't accept the lies that meat and dairy are okay, welfare is okay, slaughter is okay, chemicals used to preserve and enhance the taste of meat are okay, that feeding up a confined animal merely for slaughter on pesticide ridden grain, produced somewhere where people themselves would be glad of grain for bread. That we need intensive animal farms and millions of animals every year killed in Ireland alone is okay. It is not okay. It is 'probably carcinogenic' WHO says. It is definitely not okay with Nature or our bodies or our souls. Make the decision today, to look after yourself, nourish yourself rather than fight for the right to continue your habitual eating habits. And let's reassess the structure of society, if our elected representatives can't rein in the corporate scavengers, preying on people's vulnerability and need for money.

I bet government has dropped that case against the pharmaceutical company that owes the coutnry 400 million euro tax...on some pretext or another. In court, these guys can just keep on denying, stalling and appealing until they bankrupt the defendant. 

This is still a case that lies in the consumers' hands though: If you bring your magnifying glass or your smart phone shopping and make sure that you buy nothing with animal ingredients - meat, millk, eggs, honey, cheese, whey, casein or chemicals or micro plastics or anything which is not labelled organic (Everything is repeatedly sprayed or fed GMO and chemically-grown feed that is 1) not labelled organic) unless it is locally grown or raised by someone you know with a competence and a moral compass). We just have to stop the blind demand which they are supplying. 

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