Friday, April 10, 2020

The red Carpet Treatment...For Oneself!

So some professional guy made this start on the avocado gallery and it's great but 
everyone agreed he had to go. Turning up at all hours, a bit funny about this and that. So from then on it has been girl power all the way! 

This is what is was like last summer, the original gravel and a bit of old carpet I got from the dump and some beautiful wicker chairs and a tiled table that I thought were unique until I went canvassing in Kilkenny and found every single porch had the exact same set! I still like them, they were perfect to serve my vegan breakfast on sunny try and persuade my guests that a plant-based life is the way to happiness!

This is a picture that one great French couple sent me, taken right there and obviously arranged to show my classic own-design mugs 'I Love Creating A New Reality' which they obviously found funny as well!

I so wanted to lay the lovely floorboards Rachael had given me from the dance studio, but I just hadn't been able to get the sand and cement sufficiently level to lay the insulation and boards. It's a subtle job! I abandoned everything until my friends said, what about raising a section in pallets. I said I only have 3.5 pallets. Guess how many it took?! Yes! I went mad with the jigsaw that I had bought to do up the cabin. Great friend, Jordi Medina did all the work but somehow just through standing by with ideas and materials, the skills rubbed off and I took to power tools like a  duck to water.

This is my neighbour's duck who I found in my meditation water garden one day!

So, through the window it's possible to see the cabin, which we did up and brilliantly provides rain water via hose pipe to the polytunnel as well. Gravity rocks! Inside, I dutifully wrapped the pallets in radon barrier plastic that I had handy and sealed it with polytunnel plastic repair tape. I didn't and don't want the walkway to be a mice run, however much I would like them to escape somehow...just not live happily ever after under the floorboards! If you see the distinction? 

I felt it was a low point went the dog could only find a breeze block to lie on. It seemed to mark an extreme lack of comfort and an extreme act of loyalty...really hope that represents my past not my future!

I'm only sharing these next two pictures as it shows what a mess had formed on either side and how difficult it was for me to prioritise getting dressed properly and out of my house coat when there was so much highly engaging DIY to be done!

This is the walkway finished. It wasn't straight forward as I realised afterwards that one only staggers floor boards to make sure there are no weak points where several are joined in the same place. In this project, the boards mainly reached right across, so I went back after I created the borders and replaced the bits and pieces with whole boards from the start. You can't beat a jig saw, chalk rather than a pencil and a decent battery screw driver!! It looks amazing!

This one reminded me of some European Union symbol which seemed right for the lock down we're in. 

I have become convinced that I should turn this place into a spaceship as its foundations are so akin to the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek. I am also working on UFO contact, via telepathy, so at least I can meet other beings with respect if I come across any. 

It was almost by telekinesis that the area beyond was cleared and the patio laid in one day. The stones each have more than a unique shape, there is a spirit and a will and purpose to each, I'm sure of it!

Next I will mix and set those stones in place and work down towards the mediterranean area at the other end! I know I've done the right thing sustainability-wise as the plum tree, two olives and 11 avocado trees are all in full leaf and loving each others company, roots-wise. No social distancing going on there, they're intertwined.

But let's look at our gardens and balconies and other growing spaces and nurture as many oxygen-generating plants and detoxification-projects as we can. Each small, personal reality counts!

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