Wednesday, April 1, 2020

How To Extend Our Spiritual Capacity

When I shared this short video before, which is at least an interesting speculation about there being a connection between pandemics and launching of new technologies...
My friend commented: Thank you Frances for sharing this. The doctor in the video is talking about extending spiritual capacity. How one can achieve it?
What a good question thanks!! That called for a proper answer, I decided, so here it is:
I have decided to write 8 bullet points but they’re more like canon balls than bullets as it turns out! This is stuff that we all know at some level, I just like to articulate it in new ways from time to time, to jog some memories! 

We are all one energy

1) We are all connected in a more fundamental way than via the internet. Another energy flows between us and other living things. The more we individually think about this energy, the better the connection we achieve. Instead of the fractious aggravation of trying to get on line or trying to think clearly when on line, the other connection is a deepening sense that we are all from one source. This creates feelings of well-being; strength because we realize we are like nature; synergy (two things working better together than separately) and affinity, which is our intrinsic (built-in) loving understanding of each other.

Getting Past Black & White Thinking

2) We can relax our mind’s hold, over all our other capable faculties. When you logically consider that we are related to, responsible for and creating any of the things life brings us, the mind will argue. It reacts with yes and no. It will identify happily with some parts, like the statement that we are made of the same stuff as the stars but reject others, like the statement that we are equally related to the industries that pollute the natural world. The way to develop, past this polarized view, is to notice your thoughts and repeat the phrase ‘This aint good, it aint bad, it just is”… preferably in a Southern drawl but any accent will do as you’re just reminding yourself to take the mind’s argument out of it and therefore all the stressful resistance, which moves you towards acceptance.

How To Self-Reference

3) The achieving of acceptance, aka a moment’s quiet from incessant thinking, both constructive and not, allows you to hear yourself and practice the crucial, life-saving habit of self-referencing. The answers are not outside, they are inside. We have got very used to asking questions like asking the doctor what is wrong? Asking scientists what is safe? Asking google how to do things and looking to the law for what is right and wrong. These are, at best, unsatisfactory external constructs. We should use this time of limited physical roaming, to explore our inner landscape. If something occurs to you, or something happens around you, ask yourself how do I feel about that? How should I respond? And why? Why does that scare me? Why does that make me happy? You will start to see what you appreciate and what you maybe just endure in the life you have. You might notice what your mood is actually routinely like and what contribution you make to the world party. You will be able to observe the many levels of interactions that are usually hidden, in the daily rush.

Developing Self Trust

4) This self-referencing brings you to a really healthy state of inner authority (generally referred to as self respect). We make hundreds of small choices every day. In corona virus and technological disruption-terms, you can work on making sure you’re not making those decisions under the influence of social media, peer pressure or even old habits and insecurities. With some mental discipline, you start to become conscious and mindful; trusting yourself even as you revert to autopilot, on how to spend your time and what to eat and what requires and deserves your energy. Requiring and deserving being two different things, for which we have to work on discernment to tell them apart. 

Conscious Healing of The Physical Body

5) There are some that say consciousness is healing in itself. I totally agree. I would say that the energy clearing I do for people (and places, animals, plants & situations) is literally a honed ability and a constant willingness to pay attention. Say, for example, you’re feeling terrible, gripped by pain and in a dark state of mind? That is a good time to practice mind over matter. It is not random whether you will get better or worse and worse. The spiritual take on a dis-ease can begin and ensure a complete recovery, by giving you a perspective (as opposed to immersion in the experience). You are developing an additional awareness that can shine a light on your struggling body. The throat represents the challenge o expressing yourself and saying what you need and want to say. The lungs represent your life force, so the virus represents oppression. The antidote for a release could be to watch Braveheart ‘You can take my life but you cannot take my freedom’. Or read about Nelson Mandella, who was 28 years wrongfully incarcerated as a political prisoner. He said that his mental and emotional freedom were much more important and always available to him. That’s a good approach to the lock down actually too.

Keep Your Emotional Energy Right

6) But, where to start with self-healing, energy healing, spiritual work? It is enough to remember that medicine treats the symptoms but only you yourself can treat the source and cause. When I started 18 years ago, I cleared, first (and still do regularly) my emotional condition – detoxing from all the upset of injustice and then uploading some gratitude for anything positive I could think of. Sometimes there are slim pickings and sometimes there are loads of amazing things that come to mind, to be glad of. And, of course, the more you look, the more you find! You end up, like me, with a cheerful disposition; a little bit hopeful, like a puppy with the recurring thought “Sure, I’ll give it another go, they may have a treat for me this time”. Interestingly, being in good emotional condition is more important than a good physical condition, maybe because the physical body can heal faster when there’s gentleness, warmth and laughter and room for miracles through that all-important sense of connection. The emotional energy field, though, is just one of the subtle bodies. You can clear grief from your mental energy field, toxic metals and environmental pollutants from your home, raise the energetic frequency of your drinking water, of which 70% of your body is made. Or keep it simple and clear any risk of illness to you and yours. All you need is intention. Just tip away, paying attention to a different thing each time. My favourite positive spiritual spin is that a headache is a sign of a new neural pathway forming and god only knows what important powerful information it may bring eventually!

Picking Your Guidance System

7) What you heal for yourself, you heal for all. Your successes are my successes. The reason why building a strong spiritual life is so significant is that the outer world is very chaotic and cruel. Each being that learns how to come to terms with themselves and maintain (or at least find their way back to) coherence or peacefulness is building the foundation of a sustainable future, for everyone. A life that makes sense will be reflected by a world that makes sense …but don’t hold your breath for this outcome as I’ve been working on it for years and I’ve had amazing results but no irrefutable proofs. Personally, I think we should wean ourselves off needing proof and mature into just knowing. And while we’re at it, wean ourselves off dependence on external expertise and get centred in our own truth…much more reliable in times of uncertainty like these. My guideline is to harm no one and nothing. That clears up any indecision for me and provides obvious means to weigh up my actions. For others, they consider the statement “I am love, lover and beloved’ to make sure that love motivates their actions (as opposed to reactionary motivations like fear, anger, expectations, guilt and so on).

Powerful Participation in The Wider Reality

8) Finally, this distinction between reaction and response come to the fore. When a person has assimilated some spiritual concepts into their everyday perceptions of what’s going on, they will see that they are not victims of an illness or a society or anything. We are powerful, active agents in our own lives and others’, every step of the way. So, first things first, let’s all ask to clear anything in us, individually, that is perpetuating the vast reach of Covid 19. Let’s all ask what is the gift in being alive at this time of extraordinary change. Let’s all think of one thing, at least, that this crumbing of economies might lead to; the particular systemic change you always hoped for but thought you’d never live to see the day it came about. I have already thought of mine and written to the government and more recently to Europe about it, on the basis that it would be a pity not to harvest our ideas and plant the seeds in the wider consciousness and possibly in the minds of the very people who can legislate accordingly. The spirituality we all loosely know of is prayer. Let’s send a quick prayer (or spare a thought, if you’re more comfortable with that terminology) for the people who have died so far. Acknowledging their souls and the lives they had is enough for them to get safely to the light and leave behind the physical body. Our bodies are only our vehicle, the spirit goes on. However, like every good set of wheels, let’s make it sporty, comfortable, smooth running, fun to drive off-road and fuelled with the desire for adventure and to see more: See everything you can in fact, from every vantage point and experience everything too, 1st hand, rather than 3rd hand, via algorithms and wifi frequencies. Give yourselves a meditation and roll in the hay any day and instead of the cloud, look at the sky.

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