Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Inner Sustainability of Your Mind


Like the keeper who tames the elephant, I have tamed my mind.
For years it was with the abuse of the bull hook, maybe out of fear of its vastness and uncontrollable nosedives and inexhorable motion into darkness and anxiety. But, as Nelson Mandella said, it is probably one's incredible light that scares us more. 

What actually worked?

1. The feeding of beneficial thoughts, the being a trustworthy guide, being a director to the clearest watering holes and out of the most dense jungles and necessarily being at ease, even when deep inside.

Water Purifying Coasters - New Ones ready For Artsweek

This foundation of clarity, love and self trust has been built up over years but the turning point today was

2. A decision made to stay here to actually be the person I have become... hey, what harm can it do?

A master harms nothing and no one  - that is a mantra I have lived by as well for a long time. Now it seems to be the time to reap the mental, emotional, natural and creative harvest.

The steps for each person may be different but may include

Transition from Conventional to Organic Farming
Transition from Animal Farming to Horticulture and Orchards
Transition from Omnivore to Herbivore

as it is for this lot!

The team at Noel's transitioning from conventional (chemical) agriculture (animals) to organic arable

Chris spotted this on Noel's water tank on the very edge of the acres we earmarked for nut trees! We're all taking that as a very auspicious sign!

Susi, partner in the coasters crime of making all the tiles for me to scribe...and her amazing treehouse in the weeping willow

 And for me some of the steps to empowerment have included:

Learn how to heal

Start to notice more and more, inside and out

Become mindful of life in all shapes and sizes - animate and inanimate

Realize the power of your choices, how often you're making one and make them consciously.

Practice manifesting

Go exploring - there are so many more dimensions than the 3D

Clarify your intention

Dispassionately look for your inner sabotages and avoidances

Start to see everything in life as a gift

Practice taking nothing personally

Clear old energy from places so there's nothing to fear anymore. 
eg. illnesses, violence, suicide, EMFs...once they don't bother you, they don't need to agitate for recognition any more

Realize how all energy is just agitating for recognition generous with your time, love and awareness

Build a kind but firm connection with yourself...

or you will end up infirm like everyone else!

Oh yes, and spare yourself the technological overload of electrics, wifi and light at night...if not earlier!

  Dr Emoto's Water Purification Ceremonies

Vimala Rodgers Intentional Hand Writing and Re Wiring Your Brain

Combine the two systems of thought and you have an amazing conscious healing system, hence my coasters range with the following words that I've been working on for about 10 years now. The downside has been that now my writing and consequently my signature is so significantly different, I can no longer get money out of the bank. But embracing the changes is the key and letting life change you. Nature knows what it is doing!

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