Thursday, July 27, 2017

How to think in a way that benefits you ... and everyone else!

Isn’t it funny how difficult people find it to think. Really think. Like, actually apply themselves mentally to their life situations without immediately getting depressed, or at least negative? And thus pretty helpless, in any necessary process of change that might need to happen! What if you could learn to get a perspective instantly and not be stifled by emotions? What if you could maintain this healthy objectivity and still totally support yourself even in challenging times, coming to see everything in life as a gift and opportunity?

Would people really keep running themselves down or blaming others for perceived hurts and disappointments… if they knew how to make this deep personal change in their relationship to themselves?

You can clear all the difficult habits and feelings away then, get the free flow of interest, love and receptivity going. It is a real voyage of discovery and some people say to me, oh you can just do that; trust your intuition, be free, say what you need to say. But that is because I spotted a whole lot of things filtering out what was in my heart long before it could be expressed. I was afraid of so many things and didn’t know what it could be to be a powerful advocate but also a woman at the same time. I thought I was going to have to operate purely in 3D and ignore all our other faculties. A few years ago, I thought dammit, no way. One sweet life, one good chance, must not, must not, must not tie myself up in a corner of low confidence and live with regret. Must participate fully, must give 150%, must make a significant difference for animals and live to see the end of their enslavement. I loved the chinese idea of practicing martial arts until your dying day to extend your health and longevity long enough to reach enlightenment. I love that, there, doctors must reinforce your wellness and not be rewarded for sickness. Dis-ease is considered their failure.

I loved the Buddhist idea of mastery: Tame your thoughts, harm no one.   

I love the channeled insights from beings from other planets, including the structure of a 9 dimensional reality that we interact with and can consciously interact with.

So I learnt how to ask good questions:
What should I do?
When should I do it?
Is this thought in alignment with the impulse of my heart?
Is this pain mine?
Just don't mind the answer even if it is not what you wanted!

I expanded on this system today by designing and executing a massively productive decision-making process! Delighted with the outcome and no need to revisit the things that were decided against. If you try nothing else today, try not to recreate and revisit a problem that you have already solved. Give yourself a break and enjoy your progress and life in this moment.

That is my vision. To really see life as it is, for better or worse. Not hiding from any of it. Not ignoring the suffering. Not denying myself the joy and harmony. Most of all, celebrating the connection to all the other little life forms around – all of whom I speak to and listen to, whether it is a bit of grass burnt by chemical weed killers or the whole great ocean churning around the lighthouse and Bray Head.

We are all connected. We all rise and then pass away. Don’t forget to do the rising bit in style!

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