Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Oh the irony of it being Macdonalds' CCTV footage

The Irony of Macdonalds who's business depends on the death of millions of animals by ramming them into a metal pole

Macdonalds CCTV capture Horse Death 

1 million, six hundred and forty thousand. 


 Think of them, each one so inquisitive, playful, trusting. I miss Tink, Charlie, 248, 1101 and the cows of Standing Rock, who are probably ghosts too now. I miss them all and I'm so sorry.

Nearly 92 million chicken throats cut, in Ireland per year - people must be at it around the clock

Yes, that's where the laying hens go too, if you were thinking 'sure, I only eat eggs'

Just stop it, please. Pigs are our friends. We are all one life. Who is defending them? Confined their whole lives, testicles, tails, teeth removed without pain relief. Then herded in to be slaughtered. Thie painting is called 'Leave Her Alone, She is With Me'.

Two Million, seven hundred and something thousand sheep killed. Just picture those lambs filing in, fecking terrified and being cut into pieces before they're even cold.

Seven or eight thousand ....but then we know the ACS send them out of Ireland still alive to their body parts factory.

Co-authors of this post: Legend at the back door and Becky asleep in the shade of the picnic table.

BLTs who may show up on someone's conscience

This may be what you see but please please think of their destination. It doesn't have to be that way. Eat Plants


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