Friday, January 31, 2014

Weapons of mass compassion!

Underneath the good and the bad, there is pure energy. This is what I’m connecting in with… connecting to a source way more powerful than any man-made, hair-brained scheme. We all tap into it at times. You’ll remember the feeling, when you’re doing what you do best or on a roll at work or deep into a drawing or piece of music.  You’re confident, peaceful and allowing, to come through your body, whatever you need for the task in hand. What is there, in this energy field? Well, saying ‘everything’ is a bit big to conceive, although it is true. For example, anyone who has ever lived before is there. Every idea, hunch, action, piece of luck that there is, is there. For me, it is the place from whence I can draw an intervention! Whether it is health going downhill, stress going up, a government trying to turn the country in to a God-forsaken power station, we must intervene from a powerful place. No use blaming or saying ‘oh no’.  The great thing about conscious thought and energy work is that it passes under the radar. Equal to any drone and all the other crimes against humanity, working with energy is a weapon of mass compassion

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