Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to help the dolphins

What is the message we are to receive from The Cove where all those dolphins are being herded and killed on a daily basis? The dolphins represent humanity; panic-stricken and defenseless as they become separated from each other:- parent from off-spring, friend from friend, pod from pod. The fishermen are the new world order, merciless. I've cleared all these dynamics this morning.

The most important was the separation. Keep remembering that all of life is connected, until it becomes your own understanding of what's going on. That is, recognizing your brother in everyone you meet and hear about. Every species too. Every landscape too. Don't get despondent and identify with the power struggle for control or the victimization of the weak.

Funkydelic says 'the earth is pregnant for the 3rd time coz y'all  have knocked her up'

I take that as a reminder that we have all created this reality through unfeeling relationships with each other, our food, our environments. We must dig deep inside ourselves for compassion and send love all round the place, to light and shadow alike. I get that this will 100% help the dolphins and other injustice arising.

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