Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sending love and light to 'the bad guys'

This is the most neutral of the images that I found for Monsanto, plus it gave me another 15 names of people to whom I could send clarity! They are all working for Monsanto and the American government at the same time. There are many good reasons to heal the megalomaniacs. When I saw the other images of half man, half pig and bare-footed children spraying chemicals on fields, I realized the first good reason which is plenty for today:

There is too great an emotional charge around Monsanto and other pharmaceutical promoters to allow the people in those companies to change their minds. We have been stuck in a total impasse of victim and perpetrator.

So, today, I cleared everyone's loathing of Monsanto
and I cleared Monsanto himself, in the following 12 areas of life.
Finally, I cleared the next fifteen his employees, named above.
Lets keep an eye on what happens now!

1. His ego involves an obsessive passion that harms others.

Healed with a recognition of botherhood.

2. His values involve placing material considerations above empowerment…as we know, he wants no empowerment as he has said he wants to own all the world's food.

Healed with unconditional love.

3. His self expression is arrogant as it involves rejecting the legitimate authority of studies and analysis that   have found his food produce to be dangerously toxic over time.

Healed with non judgement.

4. At home and at work, he exploits the female nature and form. Think of the seeds that have been modified to create poisonous plants and grim hybrids, at his instruction.

Healed with a compassionate mirror.

5. His fortune. He uses the lack of money, that the masses experience, as an argument in support of his cheap food production. Even at massive cost to health, his own workers and animals. On a grand scale, governments welcome his companies in, to 'create jobs'. Whoops, how far will we compromise ourselves!?

Healed with gratitude for the gift of clarity we have received.

6. His occupation is maintaining and perpetuating a web of lies that harm. They harm both those that are part of his project or eat from it and they harm those that maintain the principles of organic growing. Lecturers in both Trinity and UCD are on Monsanto's payroll. The whole of Ireland is in his thrall.

Healed with truth and transparency.

7 and 8. The state of his relationships can be guessed! Hoarding money and emotions, an obsessive fear of losing his wealth and negotiating with an ulterior motive and hidden agenda. This might not be the best foundation of trust, for love to blossom!

Healed with recovered integrity, via sacred geometry's structural integrity.

9. What about Monsanto's spirituality? I couldn't track it down initially. No heart or soul either. He was stuck on a negative judgement of the physical world…maybe a bit like the philosopher Hobbes was: He described man's life as 'nasty, brutish and short'. There is a 'playing God' in shortening people's lives  (through poisoning the soil, water sand food resources) and there is an old-paradigm belief that nature is something to be used and modified for use. Evening the lengthening of vegetables' shelf life isn't cruel (that would be taking my veganism too far even for me!) as much as hugely misleading. Everything looks healthy and fresh…but isn't!

Healed via soul retrieval and heart resonance.

10. His highest potential was to personify a bully, intimidating anything that raises questions about him and concealing fears of his own… Except, unfortunately, he doesn't have any fears of his own, I found out, he is 100% past caring. However, I got a 'yes' that he could be brought to justice for abuse - crimes against humanity. We just need someone like Jack Bower, from 24, in there to record a casual conversation where he admits to intentional, systematic large scale damage! It can't be that hard to come by as what else can they talk about? Surely not the state of the world today? But denial is a wonderful thing!

Healed through the empowerment of oneness and mutual regard for life.

11. His interaction with the world is one of taking advantage but also failing to care for himself. We could have worked that out, actually, as if he valued his own life more, he would be creating a better reality.

Healed via conscious creativity. He can realize now that he can do better and make that happen instead.

12. Then we get to the state and dynamics of his unconscious! He has an intoxication with destructive power and destroying others' dreams and potential! Oh dear! Don't forget that 80% of our drive is unconscious, triggered by the past and totally unexplored territory for many.

This gives me an advantage in a distance energy healing session. He's not looking at himself at all and therefore he can be cleared, like a stealth mission, while he's not looking!

All done! Hope you're all keeping well!

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