Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Manifesto 2014 Part 2 for Ireland, the planet and yours truly!

Back to our Rebelle Society questions,

3. Who would we like for a life companion?
For me, it was someone who is considerate.
For Ireland, it was someone who understands how small it feels but knows how infinite it is.
For the planet, it was a servant. Servants, plural preferably, to serve with a free and loving heart.

4. Where would we like to live?
For me, unexpectedly, I got a yes to the octagon at the bottom of my parents' garden in Oxford. Still sacred geometry, with the figure 8 of the infinite, so maybe that's why and of course a chance to spend time in the good company of my folks while they're there in full force!
For Ireland, it would love to live still above sea level, with familiar seasons.
For the planet, it wants to ascend from 3D, through the fourth dimension of karma and intuition, via the loving attention of the 5th Dimension (clearing energy and compassionate acknowledgment) to the 6th dimension which is sacred geometry - a structure of pure light!

5. What do we want to accomplish and why?
For me, it was Peace on Earth; the ultimate healing inside and out.
For Ireland, it was love, in a physical way; in literature, in business, in building, in families and in learning. Why? To lift its history and make it happy.
For the planet, it was pure consciousness of itself - because that's the optimum creativity. Conscious creation.

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