Sunday, June 9, 2013

We are swimming in an ocean of infinite possibilities and that means we can pick some out and have them happen!

Making things happen – Cooperation, collaboration, consciousness and all the other ‘co’ s you can think of, within reason!

We often think of energy clearing as trying to not let things happen; not have memories manifest in the body as sickness, not have differences become arguments etc. Have you tried, though, consciously creating something? What do you desire rather than what do you want to avoid?

When you realize, even momentarily, that everything (and everyone) in life is connected, you get a glimpse of a field of pure potential. You do not have to just follow the course you are on at the moment. You can pluck some experiences from this bigger, rosier and yet more simple energy field, consisting of all there is. These creations are both testament to your level of focus on a conscious choice and to a collaboration between you and all of nature. For example, if you want a soul mate, ask for one. If you want to run a successful business, ask for that. If you want to be strong and healthy, see and choose that outcome. Take heart and feel glad of the fact that everything is possible.

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