Monday, May 24, 2021

Racism as a Peace Issue - Two Less Obvious Reasons! 

The peace group that usually focuses on nuclear weapons, the costs and sale of arms to Saudi & Israel for use against Yeminis, Palestinians and others, asked members to think instead about racism; consider if we held prejudice unconsciously & then how we should respond to racism. 

I believe humans shouldn't get to decide when any living being dies. But all people cling to what they’ve got, whether it's fairly allocated or not. #Racism

The Black Lives Matter rocked but then I woke up to read this tragedy this morning...they clearly WERE credible death threats weren't they, the police just did not give them the credence needed. 

Racism that's important for a peace group? No. 1 must be the 70 million displaced people. No. 2 How can we build respect between long-term oppressors and occupants of occupied territories.

That subgroup we refer to, of white, wealthy males who have any say, is getting smaller and soon will be just artificial intelligence at the top, orchestrating debilitating outcomes for every race, species and the whole environment.

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