Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Civil Nuclear In Military Service

 Talk about synchronicity. The #IAEA looked up my LinkedIn profile just when we have an important question to ask them. Why are governments so committed to civil nuclear power, when the radical acceleration of renewables is so much CHEAPER (cost of solar has reduced 900% and civilian nuclear will tie customers into a 30-year commitment) SAFER (Already 30,000 barrels of nuclear waste at one site. Melt-downs and the H&S breaches that are hidden rather than addressed. And FASTER: None of the new generation modular reactors are even developed yet, while the UK installed 10 gigawatts off shore wind, more power than the proposed nuclear plants in total. We keep hearing that civilian nuclear is to support military nuclear, with expertise and money. The UK government released an Energy White Paper with no costings in December 2020; the incongruity between nuclear and every other alternative to fossil fuels must have been too great to write down side by side. Meanwhile, there are some unlikely supporters: Greens for Nuclear. Extinction Rebellion pro nuclear – a nuclear accident would render the planet uninhabitable. And Mothers For Nuclear; what about the Future Generations Bill? Isn't civilian nuclear perpetuating massive public misspending on military objectives. #FutureGenerationsBill

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