Sunday, January 12, 2020

Can we look after ourselves though!

I've always thought I would be a good politician ... or rather a good leader or person to be involved in governance ... as I have the self discipline to consider the impact on others before myself. Be it people, animals or the environment. I've even been accused of slowing things down to avoid killing insects on the windscreen! 
Now, though, as I finish a right binge of good food and drink and brilliant gatherings, I wonder if I have the self discipline to get my own self back to fitness, to meet 2020 in full spirit and health! I can apply myself to the needs and suffering of others but can I do it for myself? So far, I'm trying a binary approach. Ones and zeros only! Only one of each thing or a 'not for me, thank you' at all!
I already feel lighter, stronger, more positive and I'm only 48 hours into it!
I was content and accepting the first day but since the second, I've been disturbed beyond measure. I watched Salt of The Earth, a gruelling photo documentary about a brilliant Brazilian photographer Sebastiou someone who spent years in Ethiopia and Rwanda where millions of people were displaced, climate refugees, through drought. All, I learnt was that most famine is not a problem of provisions but a problem of sharing. The authorities refuse to let the aid get through to those dying. We've got our own fat cat government and it does't bode well, sadly.

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