Saturday, December 8, 2018

Who do you empathize with and why?!

Who Was I In A Past Life?

I did a meditation two days ago and had the insight that I had been a farm animal in 3 previous lifetimes and a slave in 6. This is what has given me the empathy for animals and people in powerless situations. But we have all been around the block, known fear and all beings tremble before violence. 

The Skill of Self Mastery

On the positive side, the greatest achievement in life is to live harmlessly. It shows that you can overcome your appetites and habits and not yourself stay a slave to society or the norms of your past.

Legend and I this summer

Consider The People And Animals In The Supply Chain 

God bless all the pigs chopped into hams, all the bullocks chopped into steak and mashed into burgers and all the turkeys with their insides pulled out and breadcrumbs stuffed in. Sorry fates in anyone’s book.

Vegan Christmas Alternatives 

I for one have been busy with killer alternatives. Nut loaf with cranberry sauce, mince pies and brandy butter, chocolate truffles, millionaire shortbread, banoffi pie, tomato soup, pizza. Because I don’t heat my dishes above 50 degrees, you can taste every ingredient in all its glory. All veggie, no dairy, eggs, honey, fish. Any substance that someone else was enjoying before I came along, I try and leave it with them. I think it’s a good rule of thumb.

Explain Yourself Only To Those Who Are On Your Level

I met a lovely old man the other day and we talked for ages. When I said I was vegan, he said ‘oh no, not a violent vegan I hope?’ I said I thought vegans were the least violent as they don’t like to harm a fly and use humane mouse traps etc. He said, you know like a vegan who tries to persuade other people to go vegan! I’ve been thinking since does that make all TV violent? All internet? All shops?

Don't Let Anyone Sell you Anything

They’re all trying to get you to do something, buy something. They’d like to persuade you of something and gloss right over the details of the repercussions for yourself and others. You’re just part of a supply chain.

What I’m asking you is to NOT do something. Not do anything without thinking about it first and deciding if it’s something you feel genuinely good about doing. Be a nonconformist. Don’t give a damn what others think of you. All that matters is what you think of you.  

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