Saturday, December 8, 2018

When Simon Says 'Give the HPV vaccine to boys'...the game's not funny anymore

Now this is what I call violence ...or abuse of power at least.

When people in authority pressure ordinary people into allowing the injecting of their children with vaccines with dangerous side effects, to please the pharmaceutical companies - set to profit massively from their nationwide sale. 

Meet Your Maker...or rather the HPV vaccine maker, Merck

Merck who devised the HPV vaccine were welcomed to Carlow, as an employer, while in America they were facing over 800 lawsuits against them for tragic results of this vaccine. Just think about it, it doesn't add up. 

The vaccine is supposed to protect against cervical cancer - boys do not have a cervix, it is part of the uterus! 

Think about the tests that vaccine has gone through. How many 13 year old girls have they tested it on with a view to their being sexually active and with the caveat that the protection only lasts for five years, until they're 18? None. Not one. Not recording the debilitating symptoms of many girls on the trial

How long has this stuff been on the market? 

What has it been made of? Just tap in to google 'vaccine ingredients'. Notice Mercury, the second most poisonous substance on the planet. 

Vaccines might have been a God-send back in the day when doctors took the Hippocratic Oath and prescribed to their best abilities but nowadays consultants are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. Political parties are sponsored by them too. It is very big business. 

Tap into google too, 'What is the situation in California with vaccines'. A compulsory programme of 40 something vaccines for every citizen or they are not allowed to be employed. And the doctors are cast out if they don't insist every patient gets the full quota of jabs. Do some soul searching and consider is this happening for the good of the people's health? 

Also have a look at the side effects. 

Again, I'm not saying distrust the medical profession (like I do now) or believe every conspiracy theory (like I do now!!!) but please please please do your research and make your own decision so if the veritable s*** hits the fan and your precious kid is affected, you can handle it better. Blame is barely a second best to prevention.

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