Thursday, December 20, 2018

No.17 in Numerology, Luck and Selling a Painting to Prove It!

I'm really interested and noticing numerology at the moment. I know being in a sacred geometry house helps. But I think everyone I speak to happens to look at the clock when it says 11.11 or some such synchronistic, happily symmetrical binary numbers! I had worried about the number 17 as it is the number of windows in my green house. It seemed excessive and slightly random ...until yesterday when I had just set out to paint them!! 

I read "17 is the least random number, according to the Hackers’ Jargon File. When asked to pick a random number between 1 and 20, the majority of people will pick 17 for no apparent reason. 17 is also the minimum number of givens for any sudoku puzzle, and the number of syllables total in a haiku poem. This number is not random or an accident. Have you ever heard of the Imperial Dragon Seal? It is a token of authority held by the Emperor of China, but also has spiritual and physical powers. It is not random and if it is in your possession, it can bring everything you desire to you." 

Well, lord above, I said to myself, what will grow in this beautiful green house that is now in my possession and I've chosen the exact right amount of windows? Some good luck for starters as, when I came inside, Omar had written to say, I'd sold a painting!!! My one and only erotic (ish) one. It depicts the red tent and the white tent of tantra and the couple are in the yab yum position - in case anyone wanted to look it up or try it out, if they have a partner to hand!

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