Thursday, June 2, 2016

How the boy was saved by the transplant of a pig's heart

Best visitors ever for Harmony Hall - A woman who had pigs to thank for her brother's life!

Hearts are hearts 

I have read and often said that pigs have the same heart as us and therefore that is another argument for why they should be treated well and recognized as seriously sentient. People think of their own hearts as capable of great love and brokenness and a full spectrum in-between. They see them as complex and obviously physically central to their life. Others have dedicated decades of mathematical study to heart math, understanding the resonance and power of the heart and recognizing it as the organ by which all life is connected, or at least how we connect to it.

The whole community paid for the travel Germany to the US, for the operation 

This is all dismissed out of hand by people as soon as they fancy a sausage. Somehow they gloss over the carnage that precedes every meat product and block out any recognition of that life force. And of course the food industry are happy about that. However, some doctors know that a human heart can even be replaced with a pig's heart. This isn't just macabre experiments, they've known for over forty years. I know this for definite because more than 40 years ago my guest's brother needed a heart transplant. Everyone in the village in East Germany, where they lived, put in as much money as they could to pay for the flight to the States.

Back with a new heart

Off he went and came back with a new heart. I won't say donated - as goodness knows animals do not donate their organs or limbs or indeed lives. We just take them. But the dear pig's heart replaced the failing heart of the dear boy and succeeded in more than doubling his life. That was when he was seven. The only reason that he needed another transplant at 15 was that the heart couldn't grow to the extent he was growing. I heard that he said he didn't want to do it again and the parents respected his decision.

Every heartbeat is important for the planet 

Please everyone consider the valuable lives (and the much needed heartbeats that they represent) In the food supply chain there is slavery, cruelty, young separated and killed and vast amounts wasted. Every person I have spoken to recently is at least vegetarian or wants to be. Several have said they can't because it'd be letting someone down. This is obscure reasoning if you can get any perspective on it at all.

Instant Peace Of Heart

More importantly, I can confirm that from your very first day of stopping using animal ingredients as if they're nothing, you will feel so much better about yourself. You will have literally tidied up your own participation and contribution to the current reality and with harmlessness comes instant increased self acceptance, self respect and sense of kindred spirit to Nature. We all need the latter.

How Powerful is a Personal Partnership with Nature?

Nature is like a mother to us, we are like hapless toddlers running amuck and she is still the one who will notice and appreciate our efforts to grow up and be responsible and will lend her mega support…in the form of synchronicities, luck, protection and the magnitude of the butterfly effect. So be proud to be on her side, show respect and honour the other living things she's fond of and brazen it out with your mere 3D companions in the meantime, until they wake up too.

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