Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Want a future at all? Vote Green

The climate march I went to in Leeds, UK

We are the only country in the whole of Europe getting enough rainfall - possibly the world. All eyes are on us, hoping that we're stupid enough to not vote for a Green government. 

This paper from a couple of weeks ago, only 7% of grown ups (loosely use the term) and therefore voters were thinking about the climate. 

So we'll sell off our water and allow the continued degradation and contamination of the land and sea, to the tax free corporate interests. Your children won't have a future, simple as.

One of the apple trees I planted

It doesn't matter right now whether they're going to build houses, give you a bed in hospital or spend it on their own or our pensions. The planet's atmosphere isi breaking down because of massive exploitation and pollution of its resources and doing something about it has to be the priority. 

Shell site in Mayo before they got the fires under control some days later

Isn't that what the youth marches were about? Closing schools to get politicians to listen? There is no planet B and all that?

How dare we not take responsibility for what we have done and what has been done and we have overlooked, in our generation? Even the children know we're condemning them to an uncertain future because we're too docile and blaming to work with real solidarity to protect the land. We should all be going to local farms a few hours every week to help weeding and carefully checking for pests, so they can leave off the chemical poisons. You probably won't find any pests or even beneficial insects. All the smaller insects and animals are dead already and approvals being given left, right and centre for the culling of badgers, deer and seals, the hunting of foxes and the capture and torture of our revered national emblem the hare. 

Climate protests took place across 4,500 locations in 150 countries... roughly 6 or 7 million people participated in the events. A million in Italy, 300,000 in the UK (and they were stupid enough to vote in Boris Johnson) and 300,000 in Australia, (who have a greedy government that they can do nothing about and a climate catastrophe on their hands) We have a general election, that's technically a democracy and means we can still elect only leaders and decision-makers who are actually addressing climate change and biodiversity loss. Yes we need biodiversity - 40% of our oxygen comes from algae in the sea. 4 years we would survive without bees pollinating plants. Yes we need to vote Green. 

They'll end intensive farming, raise welfare, stop live export and encourage the shift to a plant-based diet and support farms changing to crops from animal agriculture

177 fairy trees planted - as I promised to plant a tree for every donation to the brilliant Malcolm Noonan in his Green campaign to  Take Back Carlow Kilkenny or rather give back to Carlow and Kilkenny by being serious representation in the Dail on our behalf. That planting day I had serious help!! We'd have to be away with the fairies not to stay focussed on the environment...Look out the window at this, the 3rd unusually warm early February, day. 

On election day give your Green candidate your number one.

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