Friday, April 19, 2019

The Ethics of Foraging and Canvassing For People Before Profit

Basic ethics of foraging: Take no more than a third, leave a third for wildlife and a third for the plant's regeneration! Wonderful morning foraging in Carlow's Green TD, Mary White's, beautiful meadows - with 80 types of grass in comparison to the 2 types in the sprayed fields around. 

Then an epic afternoon canvassing for People Before Profit's Stephanie Hanlon. I asked each person who answered the door what they needed to happen. Two families were living in the box room of their parent's house. Two aldults, two children each. Al children suffering from over heating seizures and menangitis. A lady who is on a 3 year wait for cataract treatment. It would be under a week if she had 5000 euro.Empty houses promised to one and then given to others. An older lady who asked for 2-bed bungalows so they could give up their 3 and 4 bedroom family houses for the next generation and have less to manage. Everyone agreed that no landlords want HAP tenants not because of their social or financial problems but because HAP are such a nightmare to deal with and landlords themselves are nearly guaranteed to end up homeless or in debt themselves after.

Benefit claimant with broken neck kills himself after being deemed fit for work

One man in his 70s summed it up. What do you think needs to happen? I asked. He said 'The country is lost is gone'....Then as an afterthought, 'I won't be voting party anyway. Fine gael have let themselves and all of us down. Greedy and against the people.'
I adopted a little girl of about 6 and everyone loved Cupid. It was great to speak for a candidate who is keeping it real, will not take any perks, is focussed on housing, health, the animals and the living tangible quality of life matters and is not corrupt like so many of the others.
I can confirm that of people I met trying to rent or continue their existence in Kilkenny even in their own homes, 99% of people have ZERO quality of life, 40% health max, 100% financial and housing difficulty and 101% stress.

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