Monday, April 22, 2019

Feed your pets vegan organic food and then their muck = future soil fertility

Everyone asks me what have I actually been doing at Harmony Hall! That day was part of my experiment in self sufficiency and promoting the vegan lifestyle. If you look closely in the 1st second of this 9 second video, you will see the pipes laid all ready for a water turbine so that when the power goes, I can still spark up the Stanley stove and heat the place and water up, in style.

 Then, of course, there is Legend, modelling the dance floor over the stream and eating some organic pig nuts (One shouldn't usually eat on the dance floor but if all the family are herbivores and eat organic, it means any muck is making a contribution to soil fertility, down the line...that is what I called a win win win. But I didn't tell anyone before the pigs were safely rehomed as I was worried someone might nick them and eat them, themselves!

Stream at Harmony Hall

Also, one third of animal products go towards pet food, so let's change that, whether you're motivated by health, animals, ethics or the environment! This is a recent pod cast about it!

Stitcher mini pod cast about vegetarian pet food alternatives. But I use Benevo as that is deliverable to the door and is organic too!!

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