Monday, March 19, 2018

45 Paintings!

 Tellwell and Thinkerbell, The Philosopher Ponies

Abundance Arriving On Angels' Wings. Gold Frame with Glass

 Happy Family - Gold Frame With Glass
Getting Married But Still Shy. Gold Frame with Glass

 Friends and The Black Dog. Gold Frame with Glass

Portal at Kilkenny Castle Natural Wooden Frame

Leave Her Alone, She's With Me. White Frame

Wild Spray at The Lighthouse. White Frame
Evening Drinks. White Frame

Back To The Cottage. Black frame with glass

Unicorns over New York Skyline. White Frame
Home For The Summer. White Frame

 Looks Like Our Ships Are Coming In. White Frame

Ram and Ewe in the Gorse. White Frame

Destined MX5 Meeting. White Frame

 Camel Crew. White Frame

Happy Pirates White Frame

Romantic Moment, Tantra Tents. White Frame

Salsa Spins. White Frame
Giraffe Dance Floor White Frame with glass

 Dog Spirit Guides. White Frame

 Sustainable Living White Frame with glass

Lynx Moment with Dancing Ladies White Frame

Deer Family. Gold Frame with glass

 Fulmar Gulls and Seals Back of the Island. Watercolour. White frame with glass

Hen Eating 

Hen on Golden Egg

Soulmates Gold Frame
Unicorn and Dragon- White and gold inner frame

Planet Earth with Dancing Continents. Gold Frame

Windy and Magic. Watercolour. White frame with glass

Who Wants To Ride Billy Joe? Gold Frame with glass

Lovers In The Sand Dunes. White Frame with glass

Jonah, Zola and Sky

Metatron's Cube White frame


Deer of County Clare. White Frame with glass

Feel Good, Look Good. White Frame with glass


Autumn Walk. White Frame With Glass


Lioness To Water - White Frame with glass

Who Let The Dogs In

Twilight Meeting

Communing - Waiting for the farrier

How To Live As One - Cover of my book

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