Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What IS the Answer to Health and Longevity

Is it love in your heart?


Is it gratitude?



Is it having enough? Feeling you are enough?



Is it eating well?

Taking exercise?

Purifying your water?


Eliminating chemicals?

Raw to retain minerals and vitamins. Organic to avoid chemicals

Shield yourself from the chem trailing?

Clearing your karma?

Is it peace of heart?


Is it a relaxed attitude?

Is it a praying/meditation practice

Making adjustments?

Attaining balance?

Breathing properly?

Avoiding high EMF

Hanging out with  high vibration people


Dancing Daily

Singing daily

Noticing Drama and refraining from joining in

Reflecting dispassionately

Knowing yourself


Holding on to your soul

Going with nature's flow

Or maybe faith and trust in something 

I think gratitude and love in your heart are the ones to cultivate on a moment to moment basis!

 Oh yes, beliefs in angels and giant orchids and lilies are important

So are your B vitamins, you Flower Remedies and Creativity...always have some clay around

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