Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Nobel Peace Prizes and other Commendations For War Hungry Politicians, does it add up?

Isn't it mad that Barack Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize when he increased drone strikes 894% in the first four years he was president and planned to increase them 50% in his second four years and probably did.
Drone Pilot Discloses What It's Really LIke

When they're killing children the drone pilots talk about 'cutting the grass before it gets too long'. This is what Simon Coveney wants for us too.

Minister Coveney says great come and test your chemical weapons, missiles and anything else you like on Ireland. Also offers us as a test ground for monitoring victims of wide spread contamination or nuclear fall out

He wants Ireland to be the 'Drone Capital', God help us … but first help all Somalia, Pakistan and everywhere else that are being decimated for no particular reason. Any one left alive is just bound to be angry. But you can't be righteously angry, you can't even be quietly angry any more. You only have to belong to a terrorized (not terrorist) group and you become a 'signature target' This is not someone who is a target because they've done something, they're a target as they might have reason to do something one day. That is a very broad target...including....um....absolutely everyone.

  Irish Examiner - 437million in next 5 years to bring in heavy trucks and 'new planes'. Sound sinister to you as a neutral country?

Look, I know it seems like I do not have a lot of respect for the above special someone from our government. I know it might sound like I should be practicing forgiveness and gratitude for all the lessons learned....but the thing is, I was just about to and then he got into government again. And I slightly slumped back in to resenting him for ruining so many people's lives and livelihoods, farmers and farm animals' lives, wild life, the environment and coastal and marine lives. For selling Ireland's green and pleasant land out. For swearing the media to secrecy about Ireland joining NATO, for his funding military technology rather than anything that benefits society. Beyond a failure to protect anyone or conserve anything,...well I won't go on. God willing, he will make enough money and be loathed by so many that he will be promoted to a post in Europe like Phil Hogan and as foresaw in Yes, Prime Minister.

Yes Primeminister! One brilliant minute on the tenuous arguments for Trident  

 - Trident is a UK weapons programme that they are still deciding now. The cost they mention is 15 billion. The current cost for replacing Trident, quoted in 2016 is 205 billion. They'll either go for it or fund a health service for fifty years or generate clean energy. . . But hey, what I think is a no brainer isn't always how other people think! Personally, I think we've got enough problems around the shores with Sellafield and the chem trailing from planes, without adding any more ecocide to the mix. Let's look after this place! That would be a real defence policy! 

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