Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Press Release: Suzanne Jarvie & Chris Brown Coming in September

Suzanne Jarvie & Hugh Christopher Brown Announce Autumn Tour in Ireland Featuring Kate Fenner and Tony Scherr
Ireland - The Canadian multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Hugh Christopher Brown's vast musical relationships run across genres and stem back to his teenage years playing Hammond organ on the road in North America, with his own band and many others.
Brown recently produced David Corley's and Suzanne Jarvie's debut albums, garnering international critical acclaim for both. Two Irish tours with Corley have cut a path he now walks with Suzanne Jarvie and longtime musical partners Kate Fenner and Tony Scherr.
Canadian Americana singer-songwriter Suzanne Jarvie has been singing and playing music since childhood. A legal career and four children to take care of would be life's focus until the near fatal accident of her eldest son brought forth the writing which became her highly praised debut album, Spiral Road. Produced by Brown and featuring Tony Scherr, the record is a deeply personal journey of Americana and roots influenced songwriting. Music critics compared Suzanne's "seraphim-pure" (No Depression) vocals and songwriting to Lucinda Williams and Emmy Lou Harris and the record was honored with a 2015 Independent Music Awards nomination in the Best Concept category. Paul Kerr, Americana UK raved “Spiral Road is, simply put, a superior example of singer song writing in the Americana tradition...There are some heart stopping moments…powerful…”
Kate Fenner's voice has been called ' A National Treasure' by the CBC. Her recent works with legendary artist Joan Jonas have given that voice a permanent home in the Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art. Growing up with Brown, the two have a dozen albums between them, and deep musical roots in NYC and Canada. Beyond their own works, they have toured alongside BB King among many others. Fenner and Jarvie first collaborated for a New York show two years ago. Their combined voices proved immediate sisterhood.
Tony Scherr's pedigree is as impressive as it gets. Between his own recordings and regular stints with Bill Frisell, he has performed and recorded with Willie Nelson, Keith Richards and The Lounge Lizards among hundreds of others. His musical relationship with Brown and Fenner is 20 years deep, and his bass and guitar work on Jarvie 's recordings have contributed greatly to their timeless feel.
The quartet will be performing songs from their collective repertoire and debuting music from forthcoming albums.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu5al8OBm_Y Attachments area Preview YouTube video Suzanne Jarvie "Spiral Road" (Official Music Video)
Suzanne Jarvie "Spiral Road" (Official Music Video) Attachments area Preview YouTube video Suzanne Jarvie "Spiral Road" (Official Music Video)
Suzanne Jarvie "Spiral Road" (Official Music Video)

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