Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cereal Farmers Block Imports when One New Rule would save Ireland's Food Security

I am just suggesting one simple strand of legislation: Nothing to be imported that has been sprayed with chemicals that are banned here.
150 Irish grain farmers are protesting today! Animal farmers are importing grain and not buying the grain being harvested, as we speak, in Ireland. "Not one ton of grain harvested in Ireland this year is going to make a profit". The ship they are blockading is from Ipswich but other companies are landing in other ports with other sourced cereals.
This is not illegal but the growers and IFA National Grain Committee claim the 'rules of survival' are being broken. The Irish grain industry is going down the swanny because market value is only vaguely retained for human consumption-grade grain. This incoming grain is low quality and will be milled in Ireland, in to a ration, in to a nut, for animals. Irish interest rates are 4.5% higher than other countries and I'm not sure how that can be made more fair but Ireland's environmental restraints being stricter than other countries? That can definitely be solved by not allowing the import of anything where banned substances have been used. If we don't manage the situation, nothing will be grown here, including porridge oats and malted barley. Yes, that'd be our food security out the window.

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