Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dear Lord, I prayed, Please Let Merck Pharmaceuticals Not Be in Ireland

But this time, my prayers were not answered reassuringly. Merck, who the FDA (America's version of the DAFM) knew about their five year spree with Vioxx Osteoarthritis Drugs that caused 65,000 heart attacks and  more deaths before taking it off the market. They are here in Ireland and provide 2,300 jobs, 9000 more indirectly and they have invested 2.2billion in Irish operations! That might have been difficult to say no to but we really should have anyway. They have not got our interests at heart. Their slogan is 'The Most Important Condition is The Human Condition and they have milked it for what its now worth! I don't know which is worse, company or authority's lack of intervention. Also in America the pharmaceutical companies have a sales target of getting every citizen on at least 4 prescribed drugs, throughout their lives. If we have the same companies, we are now part of that strategy. Stay out of hospital, heal yourself. You are now officially pretty much guaranteed to at least do less harm than the medicines being pedaled!

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